When summer is away the foxes will play

foxy edit 1.jpg

“I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.”

I adore this red fox gacha set from Half-Deer, I waited two days to get my hands on it, minus one though as I ran out of lindens and time to get it.

Close up_003.jpg



Hair ~ Jas, Runaway Hair, Shiny Shabby (20th Oct)

Cardigan & top ~ Mili, Blueberry mainstore release

Jeans ~ DWL skinny, Blueberry

Shoes ~ Baby’s breath, EMPIRE, Luxe Box


Cap & off neck pullover :: K ::, The Mens Dept.

Jeans & Derby boots ~ Lennox Agitator


House ~ Harry Pottering Shed, Scarlet Creative, Collabor88

Welcome signature EXCLUSIVE, cuddle buddies RARE, pumpkin enthusiast RARE, double trouble, sitting, listening to mice, watchful, catching leaves, spying, rollover, running, curious & sleeping, gacha, Half-Deer, The Epiphany

Harper crate bench with pumpkins & trio pumpkin stack, Sway’s

Vintage Camera with tripod ~ Apple Fall

Vintage portable camera ~ Apple Fall

Stump & mushrooms ~ mushroom set NOMAD

Birds ~ Blue tit, bullfinch & Chaffinch (Standing & linked object) ~ TLC

Field mice ~ TLC

Lantern candle ~ Autumn Warmth gacha, [ Zerkalo ]

Leaves ~ autumn leaves collection, Heart, FaMESHed

Autumn Tree ~ Maple & Birch

Dwarf Forest (old gold), Alirium

We are always searching for someone whose demons play with ours

Dark friends.jpg

I saw this dress and boots set at Kustom9 from Zenith and my lovely sponsor, [ monso ], gave me the hair on the left with comes with these very cute ribbon earrings, the whole outfit fits together so much!



Hair ~ Hwee, [ monso ]Kustom9

Dress & Boots ~ Witch gacha (pink set), Zenith, Kustom9

Bag ~ Midsummer night gacha, Amitomo


Hair ~ Sohye, [ monso ]Kustom9

Dress & Boots ~ Witch gacha (purple set), Zenith, Kustom9


Backdrop ~ School Hallway, Focus Poses

My Harry Potter obsession is a little riddikulus

Hrry potter.jpg

Lately I have been so lucky as a blogger to be getting recognition for my creativity and  hard work that I have put into my blogging over the past few months. DRD directly came to me and gave me their full set from Season of the Witch and I thought it was so Harry Potter like, my creative gears kicked in, especially when Scarlet Creative brought out their Luxe Box release of a telephone box with a secret skybox to teleport to! Magic!


Ministry phone box ~ Scarlet Creative, Luxe Box

Build ~ Storefront, Spiritual Shoppe, Death Row Designs (DRD), Season of the Witch

Iron gate ~ Merak, The Season’s Story

Wall ~ Kent wall kit ~ Apple Fall

Feuilles lantern ~ Apple Fall

Bench ~ Yorkshire bench ~ Apple Fall

Bakers boy farthing ~ Storybook living gacha, Dust Bunny

Pigeons ~ Urban pigeons

Trees ~ Elladan ~ Alirium

Vines set ~ {yumyum}


If you can’t stir with the big girls, then stay away from the cauldron

Witches hangout edit.jpg

The day has finally arrived! Season of the Witch event will be starting up today and oh my giddy, you guys are in for a great shopping experience! Some items are included in this picture.


Hair ~ Morgana, Foxy, Salem Event

Dress ~ Tish long dress, RIOT, Salem Event

Props ~

Build ~ Charfell cabin, Raindale, Season of the Witch

Celestial tent, Boho trunk, gypsy witch couch, gypsy witch couch sun, floor pillows night, floor pillows day, gypsy moth lamp, oracle step shelf, oriental rugs & fortune tea set ~ The Gypsy Lounge, LiViD, Season of the Witch

 witch online indicator, hearthside cauldron & broom parking ~ {Candle & Cauldron}, Season of The Witch

Grimoire & jar set ~ Hot lava love potion set, Thistle Homes, Season of the Witch

Bookcase ~ 19th century gacha, ionic

Table RARE ~ Norbert II gacha, Myrrine

Sidetable ~ MM1 gacha, DRD

Wood pentagram ~ Pagan set, Ariskea

Candle set ~ {Malum}


The best place in the world is inside a hug

Winter breeze edit .jpg

I really, really love this build by Scarlet Creative, the name of it amused me quite a bit, it is called ‘Harry Pottering Shed’, it is so adorable and with me being a HP fan I so had to get it, then the lovelies opened up a blogger search and accepted me as a Scarlet Creative Blogger and I am so thrilled!


Hair ~ Maxine hair, {Limerence}, HairOlogy

Top & skirt ~ Dead Dollz


Shorts ~ Richard boxer briefs, RIOT,  The Mens Department


Build ~ Harry Pottering Shed, Scarlet Creative, Collabor88

Tranquility bed, night table, planter set & plant ~ Zen Creations, Cosmopolitan

Sofa, pouffe, coffee table, console, lamps, chessboard, rug, basket & art frames ~ Country home set, Cheeky Pea, FaMESHed

Greenwich telephone, Sofia lamp dark, Sofia basket, Greenwich trunk light, Sofia tall candlebra & ~ MC gacha, Scarlet Creative

Book Pile Lamp ~ Kalopsia

Wine ladder ~ tarte, Collabor88

Heart box ~ [ Zerkalo ], The Chapter Four

Wine bottles & glasses ~ Z bar gacha, [ Zerkalo ], Kustom9

Cushions ~ [RH] Design House

Robins & metal leaf vines ~ Half-Deer, Collabor88

Chubby cat ~ JIAN, Luxe Box

Star creeper moss ~ Half-Deer

Iron gate & fence kit ~ Merak, The Season’s Story

Puffy grass, Dwarf forest & Elladan trees ~ Alirium

Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch Edit.jpg

October is upon us and the event Season of the Witch is close to being here where we all can celebrate our spirituality and buy some very witchy appeal, accessories and decor, all from fifty of the best Second Life’s creators!

I have heard that the sim is beautiful and very well crafted by some very talented witches. The event will open on the 14th October and runs all the way to 4th November, a whole 21 days. This event will be a biannual event, occurring every October and April.  below is a simple map of types of booths and where you will land.

Displaying SIM MAP.png

To follow the progress of the event and what fabulous creations will be involved follow SotW on their website, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and Plurk. They even added a Spotify Playlist to get you feeling in the mood for the event!


Hair ~ Jieun, Monso, Collabor88

Shirt & jeans ~ Salem set, Moon Elixir, Salem Event

Shoes ~ Sakiko Flats, [Breathe], Salem event


Hardwick manor ~ Apple Fall 

Old Fireplace, cooking crane & soup cauldron, hanging cooking utilities  & old cooking pots ~ Merak, We ❤ Role-play

Eye of a virgin, spell box, witch drum & stick, goat skull, ritual knife & witch’s familiar ~ Witching hour gacha, Madpea

Summoners candles ~ WitchCraft, Season of the Witch

Dance of death book & stand ~ The Vordum, Salem event

Brass hour glass, canister set ~ crystal candle stick & four seasons in one picture frame ~ Fancy Decor, Salem Event

Journey rug ~ Fancy Decor

Harvest mice & apple crates ~ TLC

Ouija board & tarot cards ~ M11 gacha, DRD

Ravens ~ Half-Deer, Salem

Pearl chest drawers ~ Apple Fall

Corn broom ~ soy

Herbal step ladder weathe red ~ Artisan Fantasy

Shelf  & candles ~ Kalopsia

19th century chair ~ ionic

Book pile  ~ Never totally dead


Pumpkin Kisses & Harvest Wishes

pumpkin party edit.jpg

I fell in love when I saw this outdoor pumpkin carving set from Sway’s and had to dive into using it. The baby in the pumpkin was an adorable extra from Black Bantam.



Hair ~ Cindy (Blondes), Runaway Hair, We ❤ Roleplay

Sweater dress ~ Zenith, Uber

Jeans ~ DWL skinny, Blueberry



Hair ~ Rebellion, StealthicThe Men’s Dept

Peacoat Denim & Jeans ~ Gabriel, The Men’s Dept

Shoes ~ Chase Sneakers, Deadwool


Hair ~ Regan, Foxy

Outfit ~ Faylynn outfit, Soda Pop ShopNinety-Nine


!Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Set 3_2.png

Pumpkin carving set ~ Sway’s, The Liaison Collective

Pumpkin baby surprise ~ Black Bantam, The Chapter Four

Horder in training (Pose and pumpkin cart) ~ ! WhipperSnappers !

Location ~ Netherwood

“Sometimes, the scariest thing in the world is a smile”

clowning around edit.jpg

We both love horrors, my boyfriend and I, so we thought lets make our own murder scene, get into the Halloween fun, blood covered dress created by Paperdoll’s and an awesome clown mask at TMD from Katat0nik.



Hair ~ Emma *50% OFF*, {Limerence}, The Chapter Four 

Dress ~ LaMorta, Paperdoll’s, Black Fair

Heels ~ Maddie mesh Maryjanes, Rebel Hope, Shoetopia


Mask ~ Happy Clown, Katat0nik, The Mens Dept.

Shirt ~ Casual shirt (Plaid 12), <Kalback>, The Mens Dept

Jeans ~ Versed denim jeans, Razor

Shoes ~ Chase Sneakers, Deadwool 


Backdrop & Axe ~ Bad unicorn, Salem

Suitcases ~ Schults Bros

Even though you’ve been bucked, kicked, bit & stomped, never give up

horse show edit

So people might hate on me for this, I am not a huge Game of Thrones fan, my boyfriend is though and loved seeing that I got this awesome Khaleesi hair from my sponsor, Monso. Not being a GoT fan meant that I didn’t try come up with an awesome dragon themed pic (I kinda did one a few months ago) so My next best idea was horse riders and it was a perfect idea because finally a decent equestrian attire has been made and I am in love with it! Both are are this round of FaMESHed.


Hair ~Daenerys, Monso, FaMESHed

Equestrian outfit (Jacket, breaches & boots)  ~ COCO, FaMESHed


Water Horse Bento horse (With Plaited mane from Jinx)

Dog ~ Southern Sheltie gacha, JIAN

Location ~ Netherwood