Autumn Is Back

I really love Autumn, I love the weather change, I love watching nature change and best of all, I love the excuse to stay at home under the blankets or if I have to go out I get to wear warm baggy clothes.

West of the rain walk_008.png

I recently went to uber and scooped up some of the amazing creations. One of my favourites was Truth Hawks new hair creation, it is called Tyne. It is great buying Truth Hair at uber because they are normally at a cheaper cost for the event. My second favourite thing from uber is the baggy shirt and sweater. I love the way it cuddles my body but not too snuggly, This was created by the talented owner of Eaters Coma. The jeans are a previous uber item from Villena. The boots that I am wearing are a item.

Walk in west of the rain_002.png

The close up shows more detail to the items on my upper body. The necklace is from [since 1975] and the septum is a really nice gacha find from (yummy)

A really nice touch for my photo is the make up. The lipgloss is from Kosmetik which is exclusively at the Trendz event. It is subtle and cute

My location for these awesome photos are at one of my favourite sims, West of the Rain 

Working that spotlight!

Being a VIP_001.png

Working that spotlight with the fabulous Anesha outfit from LsR Moda. It is very sexy and I love the laces down the side of the skirt. It comes with a wide variety of colours to mix and match.

I love the sleeve tattoo that I am wearing. I think it goes great with this outfit. It is from a lovely creator that owns the tattoo store FTB (FadeToBlack)

My hair is a gacha RARE called Kelsey from Bold and Beauty. You can search Marketplace for different colour versions for pretty cheap.

My sexy boots are a fabulous REIGN creation and I love these as they go really well with a lot of sexy outfits.

And the awesome backdrop is from one of my favourite creators, Astralia 

Big Kid

The other day I was exploring a sim called West of the Rain. It is a really nice town sim, a lot of work as gone into creating it. As I was exploring I came across a tiny antique toy store. It is such a cute place and I couldn’t hold back getting my own toys out for a picture.

My outfit is a little adorable pink dress called Tease You from *{LD}* Designs . It is at the event, Trendz. Hair is Truth Hair, Satyra and the gorgeous face necklace is from Random.Matter



Rock That Body

Confidence is a powerful tool to anybody. It brings out the good and boldness in us. it makes us feel and look sexy to ourselves and possibly others. We are able to rock anything in our lives if the confidence is there and is used correctly.

Today, while taking photos for this post, I felt super sexy and I felt like I was rocking it. My confidence was definitely there.

Rock n roll_003.png

My inspiration came from my love of music. I have a wide music taste and today was ROCK! So I put some rock music on for the shoot and went at it with my photography skills.

The tattoo is an awesome Rock N Roll themed tattoo from the store Fade2Black. They have nice tattoos and I am happy to be a blogger for the creator. This is one of my favourite tattoos of theirs.

What is she wearing


  1. Head, Bibi – CATWA

Lara mesh body – Maitreya 

Hands and feet – Maitreya

Hair, Harmony – Truth Hair

Tattoo, Rock N Roll – Fade2Black


Tank top – Blueberry 

Petal Shorts –Teefy (Luxe box Sept 2016)

Shoes, teeks – REIGN  (Luxe box Sept 2016)

Glasses, gacha item – Dami

LsR Moda Catwalk

So this is my first official post for my new blog. Because of the move I have gotten behind schedule with my blogging, so I came up with an idea to blog three outfits at once and turn it into a mini catwalk. After completing the photos I came up with a great idea of doing this more often with blogging creations from generous creators I blog for. So keep an eye on my posts for more catwalk style posts.

These three bold outfits are from LsR Moda. They are very cute and have an amazing selection of colour choices.

The first is called Davina. The leggings are made wonderfully and are figure hugging and the top is very sexy, It sits just right across my chest and exposes my shoulders.

The second outfit is

And lastly the Ivana jacket is great on its own as a dress, I like how the arms and body can be two different colours.



little bones Animated Hair

Yesterday I went to the new round of Collabor88 and loved a lot of the stuff at this round. The two items that screamed buy me was the new releases from little bones and Kozue.

The Kozue dress is almost transparent, with matching gloves and boots, separately sold. There is a number of colour options to buy. It is a high quality dress and I love it! 

The hair, from little bones, is an awesome creation, you can wear it and have a HUD to style it a different way, this is awesome as it allows easy changeable hair without the need to remove it and wear a different hair, this takes away the time for the hair to rez.

I took the photograph at alphatribe, it is a great futuristic sim. Pretty gloomy but awesome!


I love the colour purple. I really do, especially as a pastel colour. I went to Truth Hair in search of new hair and I was looking at the latest features at the front. A hair called Roux caught my eye and I had to get it! I loved how the hair was separated into two parts and tied by a stand of hair on either side of my chest. I loved the promo pic, the purple went so well with it and I thought it would go great with a certain outfit I wanted to blog.

The outfit is a gorgeous dress from LsR Moda. It looks like it is two pieces from the way it has been designed and it comes with a HUD so the dress can be coloured different or the same colour from top to bottom. 

The shoes are a little favourite of mine from ROC, the shoe store. They sell high quality, low priced shoes. The heels I have on come with a small selection of colour changing options too.

The pose is from the new collection, Trendz from the Image Essentials store, which is at the shopping event Trendz.

Now about the location of where I shot the picture. It is on the wide open fabulous sim called Astralia. I have been there a few times because I love the subtle tones to the whole of the sim, the mountains that surround it, the floor which is mostly all water and the sky that is above it. Oema Resident definitely worked hard to bring us one of many beautiful photogenic sims for all the photographers and bloggers to enjoy.

If you want any links to any of the stores for the stuff mentioned in What Is She Wearing section then please contact me through the Contact section on the website

After Work Drinks

I know it isn’t just me who likes to have a cold, refreshing alcoholic beverage after a long day. It’s a great way to relax, especially after a long week, if that is working, schooling or long days at home.

Second Life Chelsea was certainly feeling that way after a long week of SL jobs and photography adventures. She went to The Village and BarDeco. It has a great atmosphere. It is next to the sea, perfect for my relaxing after work drinks.

She is still in work apparel. It is a lovely dress from Bee Tizzy, the creator of VIPs Creations clothing. It comes with a wide selection of colours and patterns, the dress has three parts that can be changed, the top, the belt and the skirt. 

The dress has a lovely back. The straps cross over each other and the belt of the dress ties together and dangles nicely from the lower back of the dress. The hair is a gift from Dameselfly Hair, from the latest round of The Crossroads event.

Lightening, Very, Very Frightening

I love spooky stuff, especially old spooky stuff, such as buildings and the history that surrounds them. Recently Lauren Bentham opened up another photogenic dark fairytale type of sim called Arranmore and I love it! There is this amazing house that sits on a small hill watching over the rest of the sim. There is tons of photography opportunities there like most of her scenic sims.

The sim is perfect for my outfit I put together. The dress is a blogger gift from the awesome store, Hardcore Clothing. I love how it is made to cling to my body and has a little gap under my chest area. The boots that I am wearing are the amazing creation from REIGN, they have a HUD with so many different colours, not just for the whole boot but for different parts, the main straps, the laces and the back straps. Very awesome!

The hair that I am wearing was a gift from Dirtyland and the choker was another gift (not sure on the location as I pick up tons of non blogging gifts too. 

The pose is from Image Essentials at the Trendz event. The pack comes with 6 different poses and includes mirrored poses of each. Go check it out, they have some nice stuff.

If you want any links to any of the stores for the stuff mentioned in What Is She Wearing  or any other section then please directly IM me – Funkychunkychelsea

Last Days Of Summer

I can start to tell summer is nearly over when the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier and in Real Life I have to be up early for college. But I am not seeing this as a negative. I love dark nights because I have an excuse to stay bundled up in blankets with a hot chocolate, and the best part of Autumn is the thick pyjamas I get to wear. I am obsessed with winter fleece pyjamas. Every Christmas my boyfriend buys me a pair or two and I go crazy when I see and feel them.

Anyyyyywaayyy, it isn’t that time yet. It is still summer and I am enjoying the hot weather that the UK are lucky to be having right now.

On the other hand, Chelsea Rae is out in the countryside having a night outside under the stars. She has got her new sleeping bag and pillow set out. A fresh cheesy pizza and is hanging out in shorts and a colourful tank top. Her hair is flowing loosely around her upper body and she has braids on either side, in my opinion, it is such a cute summer look… She might even take a trip up in the air inside her sky blue hot air balloon 


The Arcade Gacha Item Credits 

 Sleeping bag and pizzas: [LG] Slumber Party gacha Collection

Table, bench and hot air balloon: Astralia Don’t Grow Up Gacha collection