Hollow Creek Contest

I love exploring new sims. lately I have noticed more and more photogenic sims have been being created. The one that stood out for me the most this week has been Hollow Creek. It is owned by a lovely couple, Blake Renee Greyson and Ryan West.

In my opinion, the sim hasn’t got a theme like most photogenic sims. One thing I think of though, is cute. There is fields with animals hidden in the grass, a castle up on a hill, a beach with a hotel, a little village with cute animal residents and even the owners have their beautiful, but private home added to the sim. There is tons of stuff going on, perfect to help get rid of any photo blocks, just go explore and soon you’ll have your creative juices running and ta-da! A new photo is being created! 

There is a plus to this sim, for this month until 3rd September, they have a photo contest open. The prize is 5000$L, your photo displayed on the sim throughout September, your photo will be the cover and advertisement for Hollow Creek. 

There is a few rules if you want to successfully enter though. They will be given to you in a notecard with full details when you visit the sim.

Below is some photos to give you a taster of what the sim has got to offer.

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