A Night To Remember

Second Life is full of unique and adventurous places due to the minds of creative people of Second life. I went exploring, as I do quite often for photographic opportunities or to spend quality time with my best friend/boyfriend, we love to explore, we tend to goof around quite a bit while exploring and it normally ends with my ribs hurting from so much laughing.

On my grid travels I came across a Museum, called The Vordun Museum and Gallery. They have two main features right now, One of them is called A Night To Remember – A Titanic Experience Like Never Before –

A Night To Remember is a small tour of the history of the night that the Titanic sank. The first time of knowing about titanic was  when I was a young girl watching James Cameron”s fantastic movie, Titanic.I loved the movie, from start to finish. I had a small crush on Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio.) 

The tour gave me a HUD which allows me to hear the story tellers tell the story. I even received a random passenger card to wear and at the end I heard of the person’s fate on the titanic ship. There is real photos of the ship and of the passengers throughout the exhibit, there is written information about the photos and displays. 

Going through the exhibit I came across 3 display rooms, the first was a cabin for the poor to live in while on the ship, then there was the rich cabin with a more luxurious look to it. Then my favourite part of the exhibit was The grand Staircase. I quickly dressed for a photo opportunity in a red lace dress.


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