After Work Drinks

I know it isn’t just me who likes to have a cold, refreshing alcoholic beverage after a long day. It’s a great way to relax, especially after a long week, if that is working, schooling or long days at home.

Second Life Chelsea was certainly feeling that way after a long week of SL jobs and photography adventures. She went to The Village and BarDeco. It has a great atmosphere. It is next to the sea, perfect for my relaxing after work drinks.

She is still in work apparel. It is a lovely dress from Bee Tizzy, the creator of VIPs Creations clothing. It comes with a wide selection of colours and patterns, the dress has three parts that can be changed, the top, the belt and the skirt. 

The dress has a lovely back. The straps cross over each other and the belt of the dress ties together and dangles nicely from the lower back of the dress. The hair is a gift from Dameselfly Hair, from the latest round of The Crossroads event.

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