I love the colour purple. I really do, especially as a pastel colour. I went to Truth Hair in search of new hair and I was looking at the latest features at the front. A hair called Roux caught my eye and I had to get it! I loved how the hair was separated into two parts and tied by a stand of hair on either side of my chest. I loved the promo pic, the purple went so well with it and I thought it would go great with a certain outfit I wanted to blog.

The outfit is a gorgeous dress from LsR Moda. It looks like it is two pieces from the way it has been designed and it comes with a HUD so the dress can be coloured different or the same colour from top to bottom. 

The shoes are a little favourite of mine from ROC, the shoe store. They sell high quality, low priced shoes. The heels I have on come with a small selection of colour changing options too.

The pose is from the new collection, Trendz from the Image Essentials store, which is at the shopping event Trendz.

Now about the location of where I shot the picture. It is on the wide open fabulous sim called Astralia. I have been there a few times because I love the subtle tones to the whole of the sim, the mountains that surround it, the floor which is mostly all water and the sky that is above it. Oema Resident definitely worked hard to bring us one of many beautiful photogenic sims for all the photographers and bloggers to enjoy.

If you want any links to any of the stores for the stuff mentioned in What Is She Wearing section then please contact me through the Contact section on the website

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