Bye, Bye Gemma, hello Bibi!

For the past couple of months I have been using the gorgeous Gemma mesh head from the store Genesis Lab. Great store with great creations. I recently started getting bored of my Gemma head though, due to the limits of what I could do with that head. There was no animations included with this one, I was happy that she was a blinker though.

So I decided to go researching mesh heads and tried out demos for heads and skins. It took me a good few hours to find the one that I really liked. There is so many choices, so many great creators with a lot of diversity in their creations. Mesh Body Addicts website helped out a lot with my research.

Finally! I had found my combination of mesh head and skin appliers. I have fallen in love with my new look.

I chose Bibi as my head from CATWA. The features on this one are so cute and resemble real life features, such as my chubby cheeks. I bought the fatpack so I could have a lot more fun with my photos by including animations. Animations are important. It helps capture emotions to each photo, it helps tell the story of the photo.

The skin I chose is from a store called DeeTalez. They have a wide selection of skin appliers for different mesh heads. My skin, called Ani, has a youthful look to it. again same as real life. I am 25 but I get asked a lot to show I.D when I go out shopping or for drinks with friends, a  lot of the servers think I am under 21 when I challenge them to their opinion of my age. I see that as a compliment, so I am not complaining. Neither was my boyfriend with my new look!

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