Dance Challenge!

I recently started following Strawberry Singh, the SeconLife blogger and one of her 2016 challenges was to show off your moves and publish it through a video or photo. I decided to do both!

I put an outfit together which is based on harem style, for outfit details look at the end of the post for “What Is She Wearing”. Then I went searching for a dance and I finally picked one, after searching quite a few stores, such as  Vista Animations and Sync’d Motion I came across the dance called Sonja _14_dance, then I searched for a piece of music for the dance. I recently watched Step Up with my boyfriend and loved the ending dance and music so I have used a part of that. Then finally, I went in search for a place to dance at. I thought going to a dance club is too common, so I decided to go with the Gorgeous Netherwood. I had tons of fun making it

What is she wearing?


~ Body ~


Genesis Lab head – Gemma


TRUTH Hair – Satyra


Maitreya Body – Lara


~ Outfit ~


:V.e Pari top and pants


Head jewelry from Truth Hair Solace


Belly chain from Wicca’s Wardrobe

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