In real life I don’t have any tattoos. I really want a few but there is two reasons to why I haven’t got any yet. One being I’m scared of needles and the second reason is because tattoos are something that is difficult to remove so if I chose to get one it wouldn’t be a name of a boy or a random selection from a tattoo book, It would need to have great meaning to it. I have a few ideas of one or two I want to eventually get.

In Second Life is a different story, my avatar, Chelsea Rae has quite a few tattoos. The one I wear the most is one from White Widow. 

Recently I got the chance to blog and promote a tattoo store called Fade2Black. The owner, Kateykins (inworld name, Katey1292) is a lovely person with a great tattoo variety. 

I chose to snap a shot of me wearing one of her tattoos called The Vintage and I think it goes really well with my avatar and current outfit.

What is she wearing?

~ Body ~

CATWA Head – Bibi

DeeTalez Skin – Ana

little bones Hair – Viola


Maitreya Body – Lara

~ Outfit ~

Blueberry tank top (current gift)

Skinny jeans – Villena

Choker – Pr!tty

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