Last Days Of Summer

I can start to tell summer is nearly over when the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier and in Real Life I have to be up early for college. But I am not seeing this as a negative. I love dark nights because I have an excuse to stay bundled up in blankets with a hot chocolate, and the best part of Autumn is the thick pyjamas I get to wear. I am obsessed with winter fleece pyjamas. Every Christmas my boyfriend buys me a pair or two and I go crazy when I see and feel them.

Anyyyyywaayyy, it isn’t that time yet. It is still summer and I am enjoying the hot weather that the UK are lucky to be having right now.

On the other hand, Chelsea Rae is out in the countryside having a night outside under the stars. She has got her new sleeping bag and pillow set out. A fresh cheesy pizza and is hanging out in shorts and a colourful tank top. Her hair is flowing loosely around her upper body and she has braids on either side, in my opinion, it is such a cute summer look… She might even take a trip up in the air inside her sky blue hot air balloon 


The Arcade Gacha Item Credits 

 Sleeping bag and pizzas: [LG] Slumber Party gacha Collection

Table, bench and hot air balloon: Astralia Don’t Grow Up Gacha collection

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