Lightening, Very, Very Frightening

I love spooky stuff, especially old spooky stuff, such as buildings and the history that surrounds them. Recently Lauren Bentham opened up another photogenic dark fairytale type of sim called Arranmore and I love it! There is this amazing house that sits on a small hill watching over the rest of the sim. There is tons of photography opportunities there like most of her scenic sims.

The sim is perfect for my outfit I put together. The dress is a blogger gift from the awesome store, Hardcore Clothing. I love how it is made to cling to my body and has a little gap under my chest area. The boots that I am wearing are the amazing creation from REIGN, they have a HUD with so many different colours, not just for the whole boot but for different parts, the main straps, the laces and the back straps. Very awesome!

The hair that I am wearing was a gift from Dirtyland and the choker was another gift (not sure on the location as I pick up tons of non blogging gifts too. 

The pose is from Image Essentials at the Trendz event. The pack comes with 6 different poses and includes mirrored poses of each. Go check it out, they have some nice stuff.

If you want any links to any of the stores for the stuff mentioned in What Is She Wearing  or any other section then please directly IM me – Funkychunkychelsea

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