LsR Moda Catwalk

So this is my first official post for my new blog. Because of the move I have gotten behind schedule with my blogging, so I came up with an idea to blog three outfits at once and turn it into a mini catwalk. After completing the photos I came up with a great idea of doing this more often with blogging creations from generous creators I blog for. So keep an eye on my posts for more catwalk style posts.

These three bold outfits are from LsR Moda. They are very cute and have an amazing selection of colour choices.

The first is called Davina. The leggings are made wonderfully and are figure hugging and the top is very sexy, It sits just right across my chest and exposes my shoulders.

The second outfit is

And lastly the Ivana jacket is great on its own as a dress, I like how the arms and body can be two different colours.



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