Autumn Is Back

I really love Autumn, I love the weather change, I love watching nature change and best of all, I love the excuse to stay at home under the blankets or if I have to go out I get to wear warm baggy clothes.

West of the rain walk_008.png

I recently went to uber and scooped up some of the amazing creations. One of my favourites was Truth Hawks new hair creation, it is called Tyne. It is great buying Truth Hair at uber because they are normally at a cheaper cost for the event. My second favourite thing from uber is the baggy shirt and sweater. I love the way it cuddles my body but not too snuggly, This was created by the talented owner of Eaters Coma. The jeans are a previous uber item from Villena. The boots that I am wearing are a item.

Walk in west of the rain_002.png

The close up shows more detail to the items on my upper body. The necklace is from [since 1975] and the septum is a really nice gacha find from (yummy)

A really nice touch for my photo is the make up. The lipgloss is from Kosmetik which is exclusively at the Trendz event. It is subtle and cute

My location for these awesome photos are at one of my favourite sims, West of the Rain 

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