Samhain – The Bullring House of Horror

Samhain is a great interactive horror game from the Bullring Family. It is very fun and needs a bit of time and patience to play it, it is even better to play with friends!

I tried it for myself and thought it was a very unique game. There are mazes, puzzles and great horror scenes along the way. In the maze I bumped into a Halloween themed buffet table with pumpkin treats  filling nearly every surface of the table, YUM! Also in the maze I nearly got kidnapped by a clown, eek! It did take me a few hours to complete but it is worth completing as there are prizes at the end. Check out the slideshow below of my experience!

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I loved my outfit for my adventure. I had taken a recent trip to this round of uber. It is themed Military this time around and couldn’t resist not buying at least one outfit


What I She Wearing?

Hair: Lamb: Gold (Luxe Box Sept 16)

Vest: Villena (Currently at uber)

Shorts: Blueberry

Boot: Raysa Boots (Currently at uber)

Knife is an extra from Samhain


Feeling Batty

I have been on a short Second Life break for almost 2 weeks. RL had gotten a bit hectic for a while and Second Life blogging had become stressful, I didn’t realize how much I had taken on until I stepped back but now I’m back! From now on I am not going to be a blogger for creators much now especially for new creators as I enjoy unique creations. so I will be picking what I want to blog, I feel I would get more enjoyment this way, as blogging is a hobby for me, not a job, it is what I like to do when I am not busy with RL.

Anyway! I had come back to Second Life this week and saw how many wonderful events were open for the Autumn season, mostly centering around Halloween and I couldn’t resist buying! Firstly I went to Uber, then Salem and also dropped in to The Seasons Story, Fabulous creations!

I put together an outfit and it is really cute and batty!


How cute!? I love it! The jeans are from a previous Uber round but the sweater is available at the current round of Collabor88 and the amazing bat heels are at Salem. The hair is a gacha that I bought on the marketplace, I think the bat bows come separate from the gacha, that is how I bought the pair anyways

The photo was taken at the  awesome sim called Ironwood Hills. It is a dark and mysterious sim, brilliant for Halloween but it has been in Second Life all year and shall still be with us throughout the winter months too. Perfect for roleplayers and photographers who enjoy darker scenes.

What is she wearing?

Hair; Doe: Batty

Sweater: Tres Blah

Jeans: Villena

Heels: REIGN

Bond Girl

I have been chosen as a Bond Girl blogger for an event featuring Bond Girl clothing in a fashion show from  haut couture  in collaboration with Miss Virtual LatinAmerica organization. The fashion show is on the 16th Oct. The shopping area for all the fashion show items will be open from the 16th for a duration of 1 week.


This fabulous red gown is perfect for a Bond Girl. Is hugs my mesh body really nicely then loosens  around the knee area. It has been created by the owner of Fashion Dream. The Hair is called Cerys from Truth Hair and the shoes are from a separate outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich

The pose and prop is from a pose bundle called Action Pack from Jiggle-Saw.

That Panda Stare

I love receiving tattoos to photograph and blog about! My latest one is from FadeToBlack, it is an awesome cute panda tattoo. It stands out great and it pairs well with lingerie.

Sexy panda_003.png

The lingerie set that I am wearing is from The Secret Store, featured at collarbor88. I love how it fits my mesh body, especially around the chest. I love how the cup shapes around the bottom of the panda’s face.

The hair is an old favourite from Truth Hair, it is called posy. I love to use it for messy hair scenes.