Feeling Batty

I have been on a short Second Life break for almost 2 weeks. RL had gotten a bit hectic for a while and Second Life blogging had become stressful, I didn’t realize how much I had taken on until I stepped back but now I’m back! From now on I am not going to be a […]

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Bond Girl

I have been chosen as a Bond Girl blogger for an event featuring Bond Girl clothing in a fashion show from  haut couture  in collaboration with Miss Virtual LatinAmerica organization. The fashion show is on the 16th Oct. The shopping area for all the fashion show items will be open from the 16th for a duration of 1 week. This […]

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That Panda Stare

I love receiving tattoos to photograph and blog about! My latest one is from FadeToBlack, it is an awesome cute panda tattoo. It stands out great and it pairs well with lingerie. The lingerie set that I am wearing is from The Secret Store, featured at collarbor88. I love how it fits my mesh body, especially […]

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