Samhain – The Bullring House of Horror

Samhain is a great interactive horror game from the Bullring Family. It is very fun and needs a bit of time and patience to play it, it is even better to play with friends!

I tried it for myself and thought it was a very unique game. There are mazes, puzzles and great horror scenes along the way. In the maze I bumped into a Halloween themed buffet table with pumpkin treats  filling nearly every surface of the table, YUM! Also in the maze I nearly got kidnapped by a clown, eek! It did take me a few hours to complete but it is worth completing as there are prizes at the end. Check out the slideshow below of my experience!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved my outfit for my adventure. I had taken a recent trip to this round of uber. It is themed Military this time around and couldn’t resist not buying at least one outfit


What I She Wearing?

Hair: Lamb: Gold (Luxe Box Sept 16)

Vest: Villena (Currently at uber)

Shorts: Blueberry

Boot: Raysa Boots (Currently at uber)

Knife is an extra from Samhain


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