Hippie And The Horses


Yesterday I was going through my inventory and came across a skirt I had bought at Collaborb88, from Zaara. I scavenged around for a top to go with it, I found a long sleeved top in one of my Luxe Box subscriptions from tres blah.the outfit had a hippie look to it and I knew I had the perfect hair for it from Truth Hair that I had gotten from the 75L Black Friday Deals.

The photo scene is from the Netherwood sim. It is one of the greatest designed sims around. The creator is very talented. I love the nature feel to it.

Christmas Season – Advent Calendar month!

It is finally Christmas season! It is getting colder, the rush up to Christmas is starting, present buying panic has begun and the best bit for me is winter clothes! I have been a bit busy in the real world so my blogging has been a bit spaced out.

Xmas cabin_004.png

I went to uber a few days ago and looked around to see what designers had created. to be totally honest. I was disappointed, out of everything there, only one thing popped out to me. It was winter skating boots from Pure Poison. They are so pretty and perfect for the season. The dress and the denim jacket are both from Blueberry and both got released together. I think the whole outfit is adorable! To finish the look I thought I’d go with braids. I bought the hair at Truth Hair while the 75L black Friday offer was on.

Nouvelles Aventures has a new sim with an awesome winter theme so I thought I’d go check it out and it’s an awesome sim. Snow EVERYWHERE! They have some of the most cutest cabins and the  interior design is amazing.


Christmas post 1_001.png

With Christmas comes a really yummy part of it, Advent calendars! I love chocolate so of course I always have one. Though we could have one in Second Life, it wouldn’t have the same satisfaction. BUT there is an even better advent calendar than a chocolate one, contributed to and created by different creators across Second Life brought to us by Madpea. Click on the arrow at the end to shoot over there and purchase yours before the 1st Dec. 

Lazy Day or Movie Day? Both Sound Good

Even though it is the beginning of the week, Monday is an extra day for my weekend so I tend to  be in a lazy mood. So with my mood comes a lazy day outfit and movie night furniture.

Movie night with kitty_001.png

The pallet couch is from Bee Designs and it was at an event a while ago. at the same event was the lamp from birch. I do’t remember what event is was but I do remember it was theatre themed.

The outfit is a comfortable kind of style, Not quite a Pyjama day outfit but also not a going out in the world outfit. The sweater is an ISON creation, I love the shoulder parts being revealing by the cut out parts. The jeans are Blueberry. They were released in the main store about 2 months ago and the slippers are a gacha win from +Half Deer+, I also have the RARE llama unicorn slippers.

My poses are from an lar. They are apart of a set and are also featured at Shiny Shabby.

The hair is my style feature. It is a new release from Foxy and it is at Shiny Shabby now. I absolutely adore it!

Movie night with kitty_002.png



Musically Happy

Today I needed a bit of an energy boost so thought I would do a more upbeat photography/blogging session while blasting music. I played around with my wardrobe but wasn’t feeling like they were the right clothes to blog so I thought I’d go see what events were on right now and I ended up at Kustom9. They usually have some awesome stuff and of course this round they get a big awesome 10/10 rating from me!


Villena have the sexy shorts with some other awesome clothing featured right now at Kustom9.

The shirt is another Kustom9 feature from [Pumpkin]. I love how the sides are revealed, it goes so well with the shorts to pull off a casual sexy look.

The hair is a Truth Hair release from the VIP group and it can be worn with both sides of the ponytail or one and has an option for bangs which look very cute but I think my facial features stand out more without the bangs.

The kitty headphones are so cute! They are from a Kustom9 Tentacio gacha machine I have similar ones in RL from Zara Martin featured at Skinny Dip.

The place where I took the picture isn’t really a photogenic sim, more of a roleplay game/exploring sim but I thought it went well with my energy boosting wants. It is called Horizon Canyon.


Winter Walk

Yesterday it was starting to show that winter is close. I wasn’t prepared for the down pour of sleet. I was wearing not so waterproof boots and by the time I got to my destination my boots, and socks were soaked, I spent about twenty minutes in the ladies toilets drying my shoes and socks under the hand dryer, I felt like a fool standing there bare foot like I was acting out a Mr Bean moment!  It had to be done as my feet were so numb and I had a whole 8 hours where I was.

So the amusing story above was my inspiration for my photo. Luckily, Chelsea Rae was dressed appropriately and looks like she is enjoying it a lot more than I was! She is going on a walk in the snowy lake house surroundings with her westie, Winchester.

Winter walk_007.png

She is wearing a very comfortable and fashionable cowl neck dress by the talented creator ISON. It comes with an awesome HUD of neutral colours. It is a Nov Luxe Box item.

The boots are a great Luxe Box addition to one of my new favourite stores, Empire. There is a wide range of colours and different parts of the boots being able to be changed separately, which is a great plus to them.

And completing my look is hair from little bones. They are a guest for the Nov Luxe Box, the hair is called Jo and all the hair colour HUDS comes with it. There are bangs that are optional but I didn’t think it suited my look, they are short bangs, lovely in my opinion.

My gorgeous little westie is a Black Bantam creation, it comes with a female and male option and the tongue can be hidden. He’s such a cutie.

The location for the photo I saw in another blog and I thought it had an awesome winter atmosphere and I think it’s a great place for photos, it is called It All Starts With A Smile.

Luxe Box ~ Nov 2016

Yesterday the Luxe Box was released to it’s November subscribers and I’m pretty impressed. Winter items and clothing was included in this round. Some of the items I wasn’t overly excited about but there is no negative comments towards any of them. I surely will be using all of them in future posts.


Today though I went for a more relaxed look. I wore a sweater from Addams, a Luxe Box item and Jeans from a previous Luxe Box that are Blueberry. The hair is a Moon creation which I thought I wouldn’t like when receiving the texture when opening the box but I adore it!! The adorable pup is my new Beagle called Benny and he has the most adorable animations. He is a fabulous creation from JIAN, a Luxe Box special guest.

I shot the picture on my home sim in my new cabin which was a Luxe Box special from Scarlet Creative, The built in bed is a great addition to it and I love the pattern. The items inside are bits and bobs that I had in my inventory, a good chunk of them being Apple Fall creations.

Stardom Strut

Yesterday I went through some things in my life, I let go of the old and stepped up and apologised to the undeserving. Some deserved it, some not so much, but more importantly I deserve to live life without any hold backs from my past. Second Life can create many hold backs and it stopped me from wanting to be online as much as I wanted to, I decided not to let that happen to me anymore. So I approached my past to try to make my wrongs into rights. So today I feel fresh and my mind feels light. The photo below is my way of expressing how everyone deserves to live life to how they want, and to the fullest at that. Chelsea Rae, wanted to strut in the limelight of a movie set.


The curve fitting dress is from Foxes featured at Collabor88 for November., If you cannot get onto the main sim I usually try my luck with the shopping cam sim. I bought the purple one as I thought it would go nicely against the pale skin. The shoes are a special Sept Luxe Box item from REIGN.

The hair, called Prisma, and also from Collabor88, is from a creator I have not bought from before but I honestly love the style and the textures are amazing! The talented creators store is called Stealthic.

The sim I took this on is at a fabulous town themed sim called Pelican Point. I find most of the photogenic sims from the SL destinations page 


Today is an outfit  from Oct Luxe Box , I have been getting pretty excited for November’s Luxe Box, so to hold me off for a few more days I thought I would dress my avatar up in Luxe Box specials. The dress is a new favourite of mine,from tee*fy, I love the knotted piece on the front and the boots accent the dress fabulously, the boots are an Empire creation, both exclusives to Luxe Box.

The background was a Gacha Garden item from Exposeur. The gacha machine has different ‘clean scenes’ for photography backgrounds, I had picked up two, the one in the photo below and a circular one that I will have a play around with in the near future.


The hair I am wearing is one of the newbies from Truth Hair, called Ember. The store never disappoints, I don’t know when the last time I didn’t buy a hair from the store because of not liking it, because Truth Hawk, the creator and store owner,  does such a great, professional job with his work. Another great and new addition to the Truth Hair Store is a VIP group which releases new hair to VIP members once a month. It is worth the lindens in my opinion.