Hippie And The Horses

Yesterday I was going through my inventory and came across a skirt I had bought at Collaborb88, from Zaara. I scavenged around for a top to go with it, I found a long sleeved top in one of my Luxe Box subscriptions from tres blah.the outfit had a hippie look to it and I knew I had […]

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Musically Happy

Today I needed a bit of an energy boost so thought I would do a more upbeat photography/blogging session while blasting music. I played around with my wardrobe but wasn’t feeling like they were the right clothes to blog so I thought I’d go see what events were on right now and I ended up […]

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Winter Walk

Yesterday it was starting to show that winter is close. I wasn’t prepared for the down pour of sleet. I was wearing not so waterproof boots and by the time I got to my destination my boots, and socks were soaked, I spent about twenty minutes in the ladies toilets drying my shoes and socks […]

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Luxe Box ~ Nov 2016

Yesterday the Luxe Box was released to it’s November subscribers and I’m pretty impressed. Winter items and clothing was included in this round. Some of the items I wasn’t overly excited about but there is no negative comments towards any of them. I surely will be using all of them in future posts. Today though […]

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Stardom Strut

Yesterday I went through some things in my life, I let go of the old and stepped up and apologised to the undeserving. Some deserved it, some not so much, but more importantly I deserve to live life without any hold backs from my past. Second Life can create many hold backs and it stopped me […]

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