Luxe Box ~ Nov 2016

Yesterday the Luxe Box was released to it’s November subscribers and I’m pretty impressed. Winter items and clothing was included in this round. Some of the items I wasn’t overly excited about but there is no negative comments towards any of them. I surely will be using all of them in future posts.


Today though I went for a more relaxed look. I wore a sweater from Addams, a Luxe Box item and Jeans from a previous Luxe Box that are Blueberry. The hair is a Moon creation which I thought I wouldn’t like when receiving the texture when opening the box but I adore it!! The adorable pup is my new Beagle called Benny and he has the most adorable animations. He is a fabulous creation from JIAN, a Luxe Box special guest.

I shot the picture on my home sim in my new cabin which was a Luxe Box special from Scarlet Creative, The built in bed is a great addition to it and I love the pattern. The items inside are bits and bobs that I had in my inventory, a good chunk of them being Apple Fall creations.

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