Winter Walk

Yesterday it was starting to show that winter is close. I wasn’t prepared for the down pour of sleet. I was wearing not so waterproof boots and by the time I got to my destination my boots, and socks were soaked, I spent about twenty minutes in the ladies toilets drying my shoes and socks under the hand dryer, I felt like a fool standing there bare foot like I was acting out a Mr Bean moment!  It had to be done as my feet were so numb and I had a whole 8 hours where I was.

So the amusing story above was my inspiration for my photo. Luckily, Chelsea Rae was dressed appropriately and looks like she is enjoying it a lot more than I was! She is going on a walk in the snowy lake house surroundings with her westie, Winchester.

Winter walk_007.png

She is wearing a very comfortable and fashionable cowl neck dress by the talented creator ISON. It comes with an awesome HUD of neutral colours. It is a Nov Luxe Box item.

The boots are a great Luxe Box addition to one of my new favourite stores, Empire. There is a wide range of colours and different parts of the boots being able to be changed separately, which is a great plus to them.

And completing my look is hair from little bones. They are a guest for the Nov Luxe Box, the hair is called Jo and all the hair colour HUDS comes with it. There are bangs that are optional but I didn’t think it suited my look, they are short bangs, lovely in my opinion.

My gorgeous little westie is a Black Bantam creation, it comes with a female and male option and the tongue can be hidden. He’s such a cutie.

The location for the photo I saw in another blog and I thought it had an awesome winter atmosphere and I think it’s a great place for photos, it is called It All Starts With A Smile.

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