Musically Happy

Today I needed a bit of an energy boost so thought I would do a more upbeat photography/blogging session while blasting music. I played around with my wardrobe but wasn’t feeling like they were the right clothes to blog so I thought I’d go see what events were on right now and I ended up at Kustom9. They usually have some awesome stuff and of course this round they get a big awesome 10/10 rating from me!


Villena have the sexy shorts with some other awesome clothing featured right now at Kustom9.

The shirt is another Kustom9 feature from [Pumpkin]. I love how the sides are revealed, it goes so well with the shorts to pull off a casual sexy look.

The hair is a Truth Hair release from the VIP group and it can be worn with both sides of the ponytail or one and has an option for bangs which look very cute but I think my facial features stand out more without the bangs.

The kitty headphones are so cute! They are from a Kustom9 Tentacio gacha machine I have similar ones in RL from Zara Martin featured at Skinny Dip.

The place where I took the picture isn’t really a photogenic sim, more of a roleplay game/exploring sim but I thought it went well with my energy boosting wants. It is called Horizon Canyon.


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