Lazy Day or Movie Day? Both Sound Good

Even though it is the beginning of the week, Monday is an extra day for my weekend so I tend to  be in a lazy mood. So with my mood comes a lazy day outfit and movie night furniture.

Movie night with kitty_001.png

The pallet couch is from Bee Designs and it was at an event a while ago. at the same event was the lamp from birch. I do’t remember what event is was but I do remember it was theatre themed.

The outfit is a comfortable kind of style, Not quite a Pyjama day outfit but also not a going out in the world outfit. The sweater is an ISON creation, I love the shoulder parts being revealing by the cut out parts. The jeans are Blueberry. They were released in the main store about 2 months ago and the slippers are a gacha win from +Half Deer+, I also have the RARE llama unicorn slippers.

My poses are from an lar. They are apart of a set and are also featured at Shiny Shabby.

The hair is my style feature. It is a new release from Foxy and it is at Shiny Shabby now. I absolutely adore it!

Movie night with kitty_002.png



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