Christmas Season – Advent Calendar month!

It is finally Christmas season! It is getting colder, the rush up to Christmas is starting, present buying panic has begun and the best bit for me is winter clothes! I have been a bit busy in the real world so my blogging has been a bit spaced out.

Xmas cabin_004.png

I went to uber a few days ago and looked around to see what designers had created. to be totally honest. I was disappointed, out of everything there, only one thing popped out to me. It was winter skating boots from Pure Poison. They are so pretty and perfect for the season. The dress and the denim jacket are both from Blueberry and both got released together. I think the whole outfit is adorable! To finish the look I thought I’d go with braids. I bought the hair at Truth Hair while the 75L black Friday offer was on.

Nouvelles Aventures has a new sim with an awesome winter theme so I thought I’d go check it out and it’s an awesome sim. Snow EVERYWHERE! They have some of the most cutest cabins and the  interior design is amazing.


Christmas post 1_001.png

With Christmas comes a really yummy part of it, Advent calendars! I love chocolate so of course I always have one. Though we could have one in Second Life, it wouldn’t have the same satisfaction. BUT there is an even better advent calendar than a chocolate one, contributed to and created by different creators across Second Life brought to us by Madpea. Click on the arrow at the end to shoot over there and purchase yours before the 1st Dec. 

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