At The Lake House

I absolutely love dressing up in Second Life, Chelsea Rae is my virtual Barbie Doll. In Second Life I am really girly, I am in real life too, but 10 times more girly in Second Life.

LAKE HOUSE_001.png

Blueberry released two things quite close together and I absolutely love them and think they go great together, the items are the long sleeved top and the leggings. They both are available in many colours, the leggings even have adorable pattern choices.

The jean shorts are also blueberry as I wanted something to fit perfectly over the leggings and I thought it was a really cute look.

The UGG boots are from one of my number one stores, REIGN. In real life I wear boots a lot with leggings so it brought a sense of my real life into this look and it’s one of my favourite outfits ever.

My hair is called Prism and it is from Stealthic. I love the textures and I have wore it a few times in my photos.

I love where I took the photo, it is at a little seaside town called West of the Rain and they have a modern lake house on the corner of the sim.



Feeling Lost

bedroom mess_001.png

Christmas is over and it isn’t New Year yet. I’m feeliing a little lost. The in between is pretty slow and boring, especially for myself as a student, no money, and no plans, so until my studies resume in a few weeks I have a lot of free time. I will definitely blog more and possibly join the gym…. seriously I will!

Chelsea Rae is feeling the same, dressed down and cooped up. She is wearing a baggy [pumpkin] sweater and tight fitting jeans from Blueberry. The cute boat shoes are from ROC.

The hair is from Truth Hair and is perfect for lazy days. I mostly go with a natural light brown look with my avi, sometimes I go a little wild with the colour though haha.

Reigning Blueberries

Christmassy Stroll_001.png

Finally I got my hands on Blueberry‘s new coat creation, at the mainstore. It’s one of the cutest things created from Blueberry, It was a little difficult pairing the right bottoms for it but I found that Blueberry’s Melanie jeans fit snug without poking through.

I paired the outfit with a sexy pair of lace up boots from REIGN and think it’s a perfect combination, I love dressing up and coming across an adorable outfit.

To Complete the look I thought to throw in a lazy hair look, the hair is called Flashback//Tennessee created by the store LCKY, it is from this round of The Arcade. (Dec 2016)

The background is at a lovely sim called Pandora Resort, it has been changed for the winter season, and it gives it that quiet village feel to it. In my option though it was pretty laggy so taking the photo was a little awkward but still worth the visit.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Christmas Edition

So it is officially under a week away from Christmas and Second Life is beaming with festive celebrations and shopping events dedicated to Christmas. I love it and wish I could have been inworld more over the past few weeks to experience more of it.

I still was able to get my hands on some stuff, such as my December Luxe Box, bursting with party dresses and Festive themed builds and companions. Luxe Box did great with it.

golilocks and the theww bears Xmas Edition_001.png

Scarlet Creative gave us an awesome Luxe Box special! A tiny chapel build with the option of snow. I loved it so much I immediately rezzed it out and decided to transform it into my home! My new home even includes Tarte’s Jennifer iron bed . The bed is very well made with lovely elegant textures.

I have new roommates, three little cute bears! They are in high festive spirits and the’re adorable. Created by MishMish.

A little about my outfit:

  • Gorgeous dress with really nice textures, from one of my favourite stores; ISON.
  • Sassy boots, EMPIRE Luxe Box special, as usual from EMPIRE, the textures are awesome.
  • My hair is from moon, called Reasons. Thought it would be cute for my Christmassy Goldilocks look

Shipping Yard

I love when a new month rolls around and there is the excitement of Second Life’s shopping events, uber, Collabor88 and The Arcade, they are my favourites.

Uber has some awesome stuffs this round. I picked up a few things from Vinyl. a very cute outfit in my opinion


I love the top, it is a blouse with the sides slit so my love handles are revealed and the jeans have an awesome shape to them with an added unique texture.

The hair is a Truth Hair VIP gift from November. I have been playing around with baby hair layers too, the one I have on is from L’Etre and I think it is a cute addition.

The place where I took the photo is sim I’ve never been to before called La Digue du Braek. It has a realistic shipping yard. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.