Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Christmas Edition

So it is officially under a week away from Christmas and Second Life is beaming with festive celebrations and shopping events dedicated to Christmas. I love it and wish I could have been inworld more over the past few weeks to experience more of it.

I still was able to get my hands on some stuff, such as my December Luxe Box, bursting with party dresses and Festive themed builds and companions. Luxe Box did great with it.

golilocks and the theww bears Xmas Edition_001.png

Scarlet Creative gave us an awesome Luxe Box special! A tiny chapel build with the option of snow. I loved it so much I immediately rezzed it out and decided to transform it into my home! My new home even includes Tarte’s Jennifer iron bed . The bed is very well made with lovely elegant textures.

I have new roommates, three little cute bears! They are in high festive spirits and the’re adorable. Created by MishMish.

A little about my outfit:

  • Gorgeous dress with really nice textures, from one of my favourite stores; ISON.
  • Sassy boots, EMPIRE Luxe Box special, as usual from EMPIRE, the textures are awesome.
  • My hair is from moon, called Reasons. Thought it would be cute for my Christmassy Goldilocks look

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