Reigning Blueberries

Christmassy Stroll_001.png

Finally I got my hands on Blueberry‘s new coat creation, at the mainstore. It’s one of the cutest things created from Blueberry, It was a little difficult pairing the right bottoms for it but I found that Blueberry’s Melanie jeans fit snug without poking through.

I paired the outfit with a sexy pair of lace up boots from REIGN and think it’s a perfect combination, I love dressing up and coming across an adorable outfit.

To Complete the look I thought to throw in a lazy hair look, the hair is called Flashback//Tennessee created by the store LCKY, it is from this round of The Arcade. (Dec 2016)

The background is at a lovely sim called Pandora Resort, it has been changed for the winter season, and it gives it that quiet village feel to it. In my option though it was pretty laggy so taking the photo was a little awkward but still worth the visit.

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