Coffee For One Please

That shade of orange_001 (2).png

I have been waiting  all last week for the flawlessly designed cardigan to be released from Blueberry and yesterday she finally released it! YAY. It was really difficult to choose what colour to get but I felt like being bold with this release so I got the orange cardigan, the dress and tee that comes with it does have different colour options though.

The hair is a new release, called JoJo from Truth Hair, out now at uber. There is two different styles to choose from, one has a hat option which is pretty hawt.

The boots are a Luxe Box release from a previous box, created by EMPIRE. They are my favourite boots lately and I tend to wear them a lot.

The cafe that I am at is on the gorgeous sim of West Of The Rain. I go there regularly cos I love the style and design of the place so much.

The pose I am using comes from a bento pose pack called closeups by FOXCITY and I love the 6 different poses included! It is a must have pack if you’re into close up photography.



♪ ♫ You Don’t Know Me ♫ ♪

Stop saying I can't do it, losers!_001 (2).png

Two things inspired this photo, first thing, my outfit, it has a bit of sassiness and attitude with the amazing pose by +Kiss M Poses+ called ‘Loser’. I love the poses from them and I have used them a few times recently but forgot to credit them, oopsie, better late than never.

The sports bra is a new release from Zaara, available at this round of Collabor88 and there is quite a few different colours and patterns to choose from, there is a sleeveless top also available from Zaara that fits perfectly over the sports bra, maybe I might feature them together in another photo soon.

The jeans are a favourite of mine from Villena and I have worn them a few times in past photos. They are perfect for so many styles.

Stop saying I can't do it, losers!_003 (2).png

The shoes are awesome, great style and colours from Tetra, available at Kustom9.

The hair is a previous Luxe Box special called Jo. Many, many color choices included, as expected from the awesome hair store, little bones.

The gorgeous scenery is from the wonderful owners of Le Sixieme Sens sim and I love how well my photo has come together.

So, my second inspiration for this photo is the song called ‘You Don’t Know Me’, I love this song and constantly been listening to it recently, I was actually listening to it while taking the photo.

A World Full of Cute


I love cute things, especially in Second Life as there is some amazing creators out there. The items in my picture are some of the cutest things I have got my hands on lately.

The daybed is from tarte. that was released in the first Luxe Box of 2017. It has a few texture changing options.

The little corgi pups have been featured in my blog previously and cos I adore them a lot I thought I would show them again as the stance versions, last time I was showing the hold corgi pup. These stance pups are so cute and help create a little story within the photo.

The RARE toddler and newborn are both creations from [Black Bantam], the toddler and the bag are part of a gacha and are available at Kustom9 this month and they are so cute and I originally only wanted one baby to feature in the photo but I couldn’t decide which one and I thought they fit quite well together, in my eyes it shows the early stages of a growing family and I was hoping it came across to others in the same way.

Another awesomely cute feature is also my tattoo. It is calling ‘Loving’ It was featured at We<3RP last year sometime in October or November and it is from the tattoo creator White Widow, the tattoo is now on the Marketplace. I have a few of their creations, I love how consistent they are with the tattoos and patterns they make and with this tattoo I loved the roses that stand out quite a lot.

Now for my favourite part, my outfit!

The feature of my outfit is the skirt, another January Luxe Box special from Blueberry, The items that come from Blueberry never disappoint and are always original and unique and I love that the items for the Luxe Box get so much dedication put into it by the individual creators.

The top is a previous Luxe Box item, a velvet textured vest top  from Stories&Co. by Flowery. It is pretty simple in style but is great to wear with other items that are bold, such as a skirt with great detail like I did.

The boots are an EMPIRE release from the latest Luxe Box and have been featured before but I thought I would feature them in a close up shot in a different colour to show how they go well with many outfits.

My hair is from Moon and it is pretty and I love the textures on Moon hair. Most of the time it is easy to add baby hair layers too.

Rockin’ It

Rockin this look_002 (2).png

FINALLY, I was able to get into The Epiphany today. and  OMGIDDY, love it all! Unfortunately  for me, I couldn’t afford to get everything 😦

I did get a great outfit and a few different hairs though! The outfit in the above photo is a great combo from LAZYBONES, a bodysuit and a long cardigan, the cardigan is a RARE and comes with a small selection of colours.

The shoes are from REIGN and were available at a previous Collabor88 round sometime last year, they are still available in the REIGN main store.

My hair is the Truth Hair January VIP gift called Gaea and comes with all the colour HUDs and another style.

The bag is from the latest round of FaMESHed and I had to get it as I am a fan of Minnie Mouse! It from Hilly Haalan and she did an amazing job with it. It comes with a HUD to colour change and even includes some patterns. In my opinion, it is  a rockin’ outfit!

Rockin this look_003 (2).png



Fingers and Toes Crosssed

Fingers and toes crossed_001 (2).png

Ever wanted something so much that you cross your fingers while waiting? Like at a gacha event and you’re wanting that RARE so very much? Well it is definitely like that for me. Yesterday, The Epiphany event opened and I had seen some lovely creations from some of my favourite creators. One creation that stood out to me is the Kindoms gacha collection from Truth Hair, they are very cute and I so want the three different styles! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Ice Hair, one down! Two more to get… Gotta get em all!

The outfit I am wearing is a very stylish outfit with items from different creators. The dress is a new exclusive from the January Luxe Box, from Tres Blah and I honestly think it is the best item in this round, closely followed by Blueberry, which I will be posting about in the next few day.

The jacket is previous Luxe Box item, from Foxes, It comes with an added bra but I thought it would help bring elegance to this outfit.

The shoes are kind of a freebie. A few months ago I signed up to blog for REIGN, the shoe store but never made the blogging team but the creator was kind enough to give the ones who never made it 1000L store credit and I bought these shoes with a ton of others!

The necklace is a gacha win and I am not sure where I got it from as it has been lying in my inventory for quite a while.

Good luck at The Epiphany everyone!

First Luxe Box of the year!

cheeky corgi_005 (2).png

January Luxe Box came out today and I am pretty pleased with it. Some stuff I wasn’t as impressed with but that is my personal opinion, they were not lacking in quality, just some stuff was not my style but I still will use everything. The hair from Lamb (pictured) and Moon are both pretty similar in style and I was hoping for some diversity with them but they are nice nevertheless.

For this outfit I am wearing a gorgeous two piece outfit from Foxes. The HUD included amazed me with the choices, there is darker colour choices like in the photo above or there is more brighter pastel choices which are my most favourite types of colours.

The boots are from EMPIRE and I think they are a breath of fresh air. I was starting to get bored of their releases being knee high boots with a light different style over the past few months. So with the Luxe Box release they get a big thumbs up from me!

Finally… The awesome corgi from MishMish. I always enjoy seeing what MishMish include in the Luxe Box, always super cute and I love their creative design style. MishMish included a cute corgi puppy collection; a companion, a moving held version (pictured) and a couple of stance versions.

There is no links to stores in this post due to items mentioned being Luxe Box exclusives at this time, Some creators might release their items in stores at a later date. Most of the creators mentioned are in my previous posts with links though.

I hope everyone who received their Luxe Box is enjoying it just as much as I am!

HATERS: People who secretly want to be you

To the Haters_003 (2).png

Nobody goes through life without at least one hater at some point. I have personally experienced it myself, not recently but it is my motivation for this post. At first it hurts but eventually that hate turns into motivation. For me, it isn’t because I want to be better than the hater, but to be better than yesterday’s me. I learnt to be my own motivation and by doing that my life has gotten better in time, even with the hater’s negativity in my past.

This outfit shouted a slight cockiness but mostly confidence. It isn’t a new release as the time I bought it I found it hard to find inspiration for a photo but then recently the hair  with the beanie and boots  (in the photo) was released in the December Luxe Box from Lamb and EMPIRE and I knew they needed to be featured together. The shirt is a Vinyl release from a previous Kustom9 round and all three items make a great combination.

The background is at the awesome sim called Everwinter and it has a post apocalyptic theme and atmosphere and so worth checking it out!

Say No To Can’t

workout ballet_004 (2).png

workout ballet_002.png

Collabor88 is here and OMGiddy, I am loving the hell out of it and wanted practically everything there. Well done to the creators and the event owner and staff for another great round! a lot of my posts in the few weeks will more than likely feature one thing from this round.

I picked up a lot of new things but two things that caught my eye the most cutest workout outfit set from CandyDoll, Mara sweatsuit and legwarmers.

My hair is a messy updo by Truth Hair, which I thought went great with the outfit.

The yoga equipment and hanging chair is not from this round of C88. They are from Cheeky Pea and can be found at the main store or on the marketplace.

The barre is a {NANTRA} gacha win from another event a while back but can be found on Marketplace also.

My home is a Scarlet Creative, newly bought this week.


Risqué in Red

Sexy Red Riding Hood_002.png

Most of the time I like to blog about casual Second Life attire, but I was super excited to get my hands on the lingerie set pictured, it is a new release from Blueberry. I think it is absolutely gorgeous and very erotic. There is many colours to choose from but I thought red would be perfect for a shot like this. To add to the risqué lingerie set it has an option to take the flowers off to reveal the breasts, also to add to the choices of how to wear the set, the skirt is separate for optional style.

The sexy updo is a Truth Hair style that I love, it does have the option of wisps but I thought it looked seductive as it was.

To add to the sensual scene I had some lacy extras from the store [ zerkalo ], they are all gacha items from a previous shiny shabby event. They are being sold on the SL marketplace still.

Take Two:

Sexy Red Riding Hood_003.png




Happy New Year!

So I was going to do this fabulous New Year’s celebration photo but for the real life me, it wasn’t parties and celebrations like most people was doing on New Year’s Eve, but I didn’t have a party bone in my body last night.

Lazy new year.jpg

So I went off my real mood and I was sat at home, in my pyjamas, pizza ordered and watched The Light Between oceans with my favourite person and I’m good with that, that’s me, I’m not a big party girl and last night, Chelsea Rae wasn’t either.


The pretty pink top is a Tres Blah creation, it comes with a HUD with different colours, it was a September Luxe Box item.

The leggings were recently featured at Kustom9, from the store [pumpkin]. The top from my Feeling Lost post was from the same [pumpkin] stall

The lazy hair and mask are a gacha win called Lazy Sunday from Truth Hair and resales are available on Marketplace.

The Bed is a December Luxe Boxitem from Tarte, called Jennifer iron bed.