Say No To Can’t

workout ballet_004 (2).png

workout ballet_002.png

Collabor88 is here and OMGiddy, I am loving the hell out of it and wanted practically everything there. Well done to the creators and the event owner and staff for another great round! a lot of my posts in the few weeks will more than likely feature one thing from this round.

I picked up a lot of new things but two things that caught my eye the most cutest workout outfit set from CandyDoll, Mara sweatsuit and legwarmers.

My hair is a messy updo by Truth Hair, which I thought went great with the outfit.

The yoga equipment and hanging chair is not from this round of C88. They are from Cheeky Pea and can be found at the main store or on the marketplace.

The barre is a {NANTRA} gacha win from another event a while back but can be found on Marketplace also.

My home is a Scarlet Creative, newly bought this week.


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