HATERS: People who secretly want to be you

To the Haters_003 (2).png

Nobody goes through life without at least one hater at some point. I have personally experienced it myself, not recently but it is my motivation for this post. At first it hurts but eventually that hate turns into motivation. For me, it isn’t because I want to be better than the hater, but to be better than yesterday’s me. I learnt to be my own motivation and by doing that my life has gotten better in time, even with the hater’s negativity in my past.

This outfit shouted a slight cockiness but mostly confidence. It isn’t a new release as the time I bought it I found it hard to find inspiration for a photo but then recently the hair  with the beanie and boots  (in the photo) was released in the December Luxe Box from Lamb and EMPIRE and I knew they needed to be featured together. The shirt is a Vinyl release from a previous Kustom9 round and all three items make a great combination.

The background is at the awesome sim called Everwinter and it has a post apocalyptic theme and atmosphere and so worth checking it out!

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