First Luxe Box of the year!

cheeky corgi_005 (2).png

January Luxe Box came out today and I am pretty pleased with it. Some stuff I wasn’t as impressed with but that is my personal opinion, they were not lacking in quality, just some stuff was not my style but I still will use everything. The hair from Lamb (pictured) and Moon are both pretty similar in style and I was hoping for some diversity with them but they are nice nevertheless.

For this outfit I am wearing a gorgeous two piece outfit from Foxes. The HUD included amazed me with the choices, there is darker colour choices like in the photo above or there is more brighter pastel choices which are my most favourite types of colours.

The boots are from EMPIRE and I think they are a breath of fresh air. I was starting to get bored of their releases being knee high boots with a light different style over the past few months. So with the Luxe Box release they get a big thumbs up from me!

Finally… The awesome corgi from MishMish. I always enjoy seeing what MishMish include in the Luxe Box, always super cute and I love their creative design style. MishMish included a cute corgi puppy collection; a companion, a moving held version (pictured) and a couple of stance versions.

There is no links to stores in this post due to items mentioned being Luxe Box exclusives at this time, Some creators might release their items in stores at a later date. Most of the creators mentioned are in my previous posts with links though.

I hope everyone who received their Luxe Box is enjoying it just as much as I am!

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