Fingers and Toes Crosssed

Fingers and toes crossed_001 (2).png

Ever wanted something so much that you cross your fingers while waiting? Like at a gacha event and you’re wanting that RARE so very much? Well it is definitely like that for me. Yesterday, The Epiphany event opened and I had seen some lovely creations from some of my favourite creators. One creation that stood out to me is the Kindoms gacha collection from Truth Hair, they are very cute and I so want the three different styles! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Ice Hair, one down! Two more to get… Gotta get em all!

The outfit I am wearing is a very stylish outfit with items from different creators. The dress is a new exclusive from the January Luxe Box, from Tres Blah and I honestly think it is the best item in this round, closely followed by Blueberry, which I will be posting about in the next few day.

The jacket is previous Luxe Box item, from Foxes, It comes with an added bra but I thought it would help bring elegance to this outfit.

The shoes are kind of a freebie. A few months ago I signed up to blog for REIGN, the shoe store but never made the blogging team but the creator was kind enough to give the ones who never made it 1000L store credit and I bought these shoes with a ton of others!

The necklace is a gacha win and I am not sure where I got it from as it has been lying in my inventory for quite a while.

Good luck at The Epiphany everyone!

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