A World Full of Cute


I love cute things, especially in Second Life as there is some amazing creators out there. The items in my picture are some of the cutest things I have got my hands on lately.

The daybed is from tarte. that was released in the first Luxe Box of 2017. It has a few texture changing options.

The little corgi pups have been featured in my blog previously and cos I adore them a lot I thought I would show them again as the stance versions, last time I was showing the hold corgi pup. These stance pups are so cute and help create a little story within the photo.

The RARE toddler and newborn are both creations from [Black Bantam], the toddler and the bag are part of a gacha and are available at Kustom9 this month and they are so cute and I originally only wanted one baby to feature in the photo but I couldn’t decide which one and I thought they fit quite well together, in my eyes it shows the early stages of a growing family and I was hoping it came across to others in the same way.

Another awesomely cute feature is also my tattoo. It is calling ‘Loving’ It was featured at We<3RP last year sometime in October or November and it is from the tattoo creator White Widow, the tattoo is now on the Marketplace. I have a few of their creations, I love how consistent they are with the tattoos and patterns they make and with this tattoo I loved the roses that stand out quite a lot.

Now for my favourite part, my outfit!

The feature of my outfit is the skirt, another January Luxe Box special from Blueberry, The items that come from Blueberry never disappoint and are always original and unique and I love that the items for the Luxe Box get so much dedication put into it by the individual creators.

The top is a previous Luxe Box item, a velvet textured vest top  from Stories&Co. by Flowery. It is pretty simple in style but is great to wear with other items that are bold, such as a skirt with great detail like I did.

The boots are an EMPIRE release from the latest Luxe Box and have been featured before but I thought I would feature them in a close up shot in a different colour to show how they go well with many outfits.

My hair is from Moon and it is pretty and I love the textures on Moon hair. Most of the time it is easy to add baby hair layers too.

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