You light up my world

I usually blog latest releases as I love to keep up to date with SL fashion and events but today I was trying on a few lingerie sets but none of the new sets I had felt right for the photo so I went digging through my virtual wardrobe and came across one of my […]

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Yassss Bish

I received my very first BishBox! Honestly, Punk is not my thing at all but I love a good photographic challenge and for something that isn’t my style I think I put it together pretty well! My hair is from Doe. I love Doe, even more so now! The Eyebrow are very different, at first […]

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Watching from the shadows

I could sit there and mess around with photography in Second Life for hours, I love seeing the outcomes from different windlight settings. Such as today, I had a, simple, but awesome outfit on and set out to take some photos and ended up standing in a rundown building on a beach. My outfit is […]

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REWIND to the 90’s

I am a 90’s Kid and I loved growing up in the 90’s, early 2000’s. Being a kid was actually really fun, not much technology for kids so we relied on our imagination and toys. I was going through Flickr pictures the other day and I saw a woman with a Furby… I had to […]

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Magical places free the spirit

Well I haven’t been this excited to blog a new outfit in a few weeks. I finally got into Collabor88 and I had a blast shopping there. The theme is Storytime. My favourite from the outfit is my hair choice. It is from Foxy and they have been getting my attention a lot lately as […]

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