You light up my world

You light up my life_003 (2).png

I usually blog latest releases as I love to keep up to date with SL fashion and events but today I was trying on a few lingerie sets but none of the new sets I had felt right for the photo so I went digging through my virtual wardrobe and came across one of my favourite sporty lingerie sets from TETRA. I love how they hug my shape and the lectures are well made.

My house is a Truth Hair oldie which I love to use for lazy themed photos.

the furniture are Bee Designs gacha items from a movie themed event last year and I love how they look in my bedroom.



Yassss Bish

Tokeo town_005 (2).png

I received my very first BishBox! Honestly, Punk is not my thing at all but I love a good photographic challenge and for something that isn’t my style I think I put it together pretty well!

My hair is from Doe. I love Doe, even more so now!

The Eyebrow are very different, at first I thought WTF but then as I got to look more punkish they fit my style perfectly! They are from NOX. I sure will be checking out the rest of their stuff.

The tattoos are amazing and practically go from head to toe,this was in the BishBox by Suicide Gurls. There is a face tattoo included but I want to use that in another photo.

The clothing in the BishBox I wasn’t too keen on, the clothes are awesome but are not figure hugging like I expected , I had lost all my curves as they seemed loose. But  the dress was the best fit and I love the patterns. The dress is a lovely creation from ChicModa. There is a full picture of it at the end of my post with some great shoes from Pure Poison.

The pose is a Kiss Me Poses and I love the bento poses available.

The photo was took at Ashemi and it is a pretty awesome sim fr night life photos.

Tokeo town_002 (2).png

Watching from the shadows

Looking on_004 (2).png

I could sit there and mess around with photography in Second Life for hours, I love seeing the outcomes from different windlight settings. Such as today, I had a, simple, but awesome outfit on and set out to take some photos and ended up standing in a rundown building on a beach.

My outfit is a mix, the hooded top is a great release from Blueberry, now in February’s Luxe Box. The shorts are an old Luxe Box release from Tee*fy.

The hair is Truth Hair‘s latest VIP gift and I love it, I adore braided hair! There is two versions; a long version and a short version.

The photo was took at La Digue du Braek and I love the atmosphere there.

REWIND to the 90’s

Furbies!_005 (2).png

I am a 90’s Kid and I loved growing up in the 90’s, early 2000’s. Being a kid was actually really fun, not much technology for kids so we relied on our imagination and toys.

I was going through Flickr pictures the other day and I saw a woman with a Furby… I had to get one! There is currently a 90’s event going on right now called REWIND and it is everything 90’s! I bought quite a lot of stuff as it took me back to my childhood.

The dress is an amazing Vinyl creation and comes in many different colours. I used to wear quite a few styled outfits that were similar.

The hair is also another Rewind exclusive from Blues and is sooo adorable!

The furbies are a gacha collection from REIGN and I am in love! I had them as a kid and loved playing with them.

The pose is a bento pose from Kiss Me poses.

I decided to take this photo in ‘Grandma’s Attic’ at WHOLE WHEAT as finding these had a sense of old, lost treasures that usually gets stored away and forgotten about in an attic.

Magical places free the spirit

That's Fairy_001 (2).png

Well I haven’t been this excited to blog a new outfit in a few weeks. I finally got into Collabor88 and I had a blast shopping there. The theme is Storytime.

My favourite from the outfit is my hair choice. It is from Foxy and they have been getting my attention a lot lately as their creations are magnificent. The item I am wearing is called Regan.

The outfit is a cute mix of Addams and Just Because. It has that wild fairy tale style to it and I am loving it. There is so many options available in colours and patterns!

The pose is from a wonderful bento pose pack called Beauty, from FOXCITY.

Where am I? I am in the amazing forests of Nouvelle’s Aventures! I love the spring makeover they have created. Very cute scenery.

You got to be kitten me right meow!

Kitties and I_002 (2).png

I love a lot of different animals, including dogs but cats are my kind of pet. I saw these kitties at Half-Deer that come as a combo of different kitties and poses and they are adorable!  I am in love with them as they reminds me of my kitty in real life. She is pure white with bright blue eyes and she has the most bubbly personality ever

Another adorable thing is my outfit, it is a mix of different designers. The top is one of my recent favourites from Vinyl, It was featured at the previous Uber event and had multiple choices of designs

The leggings are sassy and tight fitting around the body and has awesome laces down the sides which make them sexy looking. They are a great creation by Villena

The shoes are from REIGN which where a Luxe Box special last year

I am so in love with the hair. It is called Jayden and it is a Shiny Shabby feature from Foxy

I took the photo in the Scarlet Creative mansion, Anya. I love this house as the textures on it are of the highest quality

The furniture is a set from Dust Bunny and is great for family RP as it has parent and kid animations included too


Think of me as the Barbie you’ll never get to play with…

Barbie world_004 (2).png

Chelsea Rae is my virtual Barbie, I can do practically anything with her and dress her up in all kinds of fashionable clothes. I saw the top and bottoms set last week at Kustom9, created by Pumpkin and I didn’t look at it twice, I did like the other themes/colours though. But this week I went back and saw the set again, This time I really wanted it! Possibly I was feelin in a girlie mood and appreciating my Second Life and virtual Barbie more than usual.

The shoes are a cute Collabor88 pair made by REIGN. They come in lots are versions, tippies or flats very cute wearing them with pants or dresses!.

The hair is an Uber release from last round, an awesome creation from Truth Hair and it has that basic look like Barbie’s hair style and thinks it is such a cute ponytail.