You got to be kitten me right meow!

Kitties and I_002 (2).png

I love a lot of different animals, including dogs but cats are my kind of pet. I saw these kitties at Half-Deer that come as a combo of different kitties and poses and they are adorable!  I am in love with them as they reminds me of my kitty in real life. She is pure white with bright blue eyes and she has the most bubbly personality ever

Another adorable thing is my outfit, it is a mix of different designers. The top is one of my recent favourites from Vinyl, It was featured at the previous Uber event and had multiple choices of designs

The leggings are sassy and tight fitting around the body and has awesome laces down the sides which make them sexy looking. They are a great creation by Villena

The shoes are from REIGN which where a Luxe Box special last year

I am so in love with the hair. It is called Jayden and it is a Shiny Shabby feature from Foxy

I took the photo in the Scarlet Creative mansion, Anya. I love this house as the textures on it are of the highest quality

The furniture is a set from Dust Bunny and is great for family RP as it has parent and kid animations included too


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