REWIND to the 90’s

Furbies!_005 (2).png

I am a 90’s Kid and I loved growing up in the 90’s, early 2000’s. Being a kid was actually really fun, not much technology for kids so we relied on our imagination and toys.

I was going through Flickr pictures the other day and I saw a woman with a Furby… I had to get one! There is currently a 90’s event going on right now called REWIND and it is everything 90’s! I bought quite a lot of stuff as it took me back to my childhood.

The dress is an amazing Vinyl creation and comes in many different colours. I used to wear quite a few styled outfits that were similar.

The hair is also another Rewind exclusive from Blues and is sooo adorable!

The furbies are a gacha collection from REIGN and I am in love! I had them as a kid and loved playing with them.

The pose is a bento pose from Kiss Me poses.

I decided to take this photo in ‘Grandma’s Attic’ at WHOLE WHEAT as finding these had a sense of old, lost treasures that usually gets stored away and forgotten about in an attic.

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