Yassss Bish

Tokeo town_005 (2).png

I received my very first BishBox! Honestly, Punk is not my thing at all but I love a good photographic challenge and for something that isn’t my style I think I put it together pretty well!

My hair is from Doe. I love Doe, even more so now!

The Eyebrow are very different, at first I thought WTF but then as I got to look more punkish they fit my style perfectly! They are from NOX. I sure will be checking out the rest of their stuff.

The tattoos are amazing and practically go from head to toe,this was in the BishBox by Suicide Gurls. There is a face tattoo included but I want to use that in another photo.

The clothing in the BishBox I wasn’t too keen on, the clothes are awesome but are not figure hugging like I expected , I had lost all my curves as they seemed loose. But  the dress was the best fit and I love the patterns. The dress is a lovely creation from ChicModa. There is a full picture of it at the end of my post with some great shoes from Pure Poison.

The pose is a Kiss Me Poses and I love the bento poses available.

The photo was took at Ashemi and it is a pretty awesome sim fr night life photos.

Tokeo town_002 (2).png

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