Uber with shuppy

Sparkle and i_009 (3).png

Uber is here! It is an awesome round, a lot more interesting than last round. There was so much there to choose from for my style of fashion. This round of Uber showed off some of the most high quality creations ever and I sure will be going back to buy more real soon.

The outfit that we are wearing is awesomely cute. I love the casual with a bit of sexiness style to it.

The outfit is from Miss Chelsea featured at Uber March round and I love it. I had been in search of a wrap around shirt for a while and I finally come across the perfect one!

Both of our hairs are from Beusy. Both are gachas which are easily found on MP by searching Breaking hearts gacha and vibes gacha.

My glasses are from YUMMY, being sold at Collabor88.

My pose is from a HUD packed from the creator of Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute  at this month’s N21 opening.


Business Trip

Business trip_004_001 (2).png

Another round of Luxe Box and omgiddy, loving it! I was a little hesitant on whether I should get it as Blueberry, My favourite store in SL, pulled out for this month but I took a gamble and I am so glad I got it, I love almost everything that came in it.

The dress is from Ison and I like how much the shoes, created by EMPIRE, go very well with it.

The hair is a recent favourite of mine from Foxy. Featured at Shiny Shabby’s February round. I love the classiness of it.

The pose is from a set from K&S poses. Awesome poses, I am using them a lot lately.

I love the sim I took he photo at, it is at Flux sim, a landscape sim.Very creative people.

Pug Lover

Pugs and the Beret life_004 (4).png

I am not crazy about dogs. They are cute though and I had bought these really cute pug stockings from REIGN and I had to get a pug to go along with them. The pug is a JIAN creation, very cute and realistic.

My sweater is an awesome creation from ‘M. BIRDIE and the beret is too, they are both at The Arcade.

My hair is another The Arcade gacha win from moon. It goes great with the look.

I took this photo at the photo at Natural Falls

The Angels Stare

Dark Angel edit.png

My Favourite outfit combination from The Arcade March 2017 is from , of course, Blueberry. I was lucky enough to get most of the black outfit and I love it!I love the beads that dangle everywhere, it give’s it tat sassy look as well as sexy.

My hair is from The Epiphany, created by Truth Hair, there is three versions, this one is called Ice

The pose I am using is from an awesome set at K&S Poses main store. She is very talented with how she puts them together, plus she is now working with bento too!

Chelsea Rae and the Meowing Owl

Chelsea rae and the cat owl ordeal_001 (3).png

I am a huge dork and a massive fan of Harry Potter. Two things kick started my inspiration for this photo… I have recently started a Harry Potter marathon with my bestie boyfriendie, and my friend, Piper,  is going to be opening a Toddleedoo clothing store centred around  Harry Potter, they are awesome clothing, including the Weasley sweaters and cute textured themed dresses.

The magical sim I took the photo on is one of my favourite photogenic sims, Nouvelles Aventures, I take photos there a lot.

My hair is a RARE from The Arcade, created by Lamb. I spent a lot at that event because all the creators are super talented and I could not resist!

My top is the new ALT By Truth – Paddington sweater. there is a lot of colours and the fatpack comes with patterned under shirts.

The owl is the *HEXtraordinary* Black Barn Meowl and is super cute! The wand is from a wand gacha, created by peaches, these both are available on the marketplace.

The glasses are a cute creation by Tiptoes.

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

– J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone