Vintage Summer

Vintage summer edit.png

It has been a little over a week since I have blogged, not because I didn’t want to , but because I have been pretty ill and I am hating it. Anyway I am back, still ill but strong enough to plod along.

All the events are choosing vintage themes it looks like and I love it! It reminds me  of some of my favourite movies such as Crybaby. It has been super hot here and I am glad it is nearing summer weather a lot earlier here in the UK. Same at my house in Second Life, the pizza stove is out and the picnic table is set for some summer fun!


Hair ~ Estine, little bones, Collabor88

top and shorts ~ Tres Blah, Collabor88

Sandal Creepers ~ REIGN, Collabor88

Money food ~ PEWPEW

Turtle ~ HEXtraordinary

Dogs ~ JIAN, different gachas (most likely available on MP)

Pizza stove and table ~ D-LAB

Beer table ~ SAYO





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