Diner Dash

Diner Girl edit.png

When I saw this ‘Pop Diner’ gacha in Belle Epoque’s store I so had to have it! I love 1920s-1950s fashion style. Movies such as Back to the Future and The Notebook are two of my most favourite movies and I had fun putting this photo together.

Outfit and props

Hair ~ Persephone, Stealthic Mainstore

RARE dress, hat and food tray ~ Pop Diner gacha, Belle Epoque

Heels ~ Magic Girl Heels, REIGN

Fast food clutter ~ Half-Deer, Collabor88

Diner backdrop ~ Focus Poses

Pose ~ Made by myself for the photo

I put a spell on you

Spell casting edit.png

Feeling a little dark today I thought I’d show my love of modern witchcraft, I love the movie The Craft and I adore the witches in the TV show Trueblood, their so bad ass and gorgeous! The Gacha Garden is just around the corner with awesome items, including these themed bags by Candy Crunchers, there is a total of 10 to collect, all with awesome themes.

Outfit and props

Hair ~ Kare, May VIP group gift, Truth Hair mainstore 

Dress ~ Summer dress, Tres Blah, Uber

Jacket ~ Abbey leather jacket, Addams mainstore

Bag ~ Summon, Candy Crunchers, The Gacha Garden

Eye shadow ~ Sonder, [okkbye]

Location: Everwinter



I heart that

Heat  this edit (2).png

I bought A LOT of stuff at The Epiphany over the past two weeks, it was hard not to. One gacha set I got my hands on was the Addams Helene RARE dress. It is one of my latest favourites in my virtual wardrobe!

Outfit and props

Hair ~ Excited Hair Style, Doux mainstore

Tiara, dress and boots ~ Helene Addams gacha set, The Eiphany

Pose ~ Heart Trend pack, Tuty, past eBento event

Bed, armchair, side tables, drawers and pillow ~ Apple Fall mainstore

Plant ~ Snake plant, Dust Bunny 

Building ~ Frost Chapel, Scarlet Creative, Luxe Box




Selfie queen edit.png

Selfie time! Great selfie poses from K&S, one of the stores I always buy from because I know I will get good quality poses. The selfie pose set is out at SaNaRae right now, there is a phone that comes with it but I swapped it out for one to match my photo. I bought this outfit from Uber, from the fabulous creators of Neve clothing, I love pastel colours so much so I had to get this when I saw it.

Outfit and props

Hair ~ Jealously, Stealthic, mainstore

Top and shorts ~ Watson, Neve, Uber

Platforms ~ June, REIGN

Phone ~ Rcelly, REIGN, gacha

Background ~ #places Sweet [ 08 ], ninety

Pose ~ K&S Poses, SaNaRae

The Long Ride

Rodeo gal edit 2.png

The other day I watched ‘The Long Ride’ with my boyfriend and I remembered this Belle Epoque outfit I got from The Epiphany and I got inspired to become a rodeo gal for a blog post. I really love the boots the most out of the whole outfit. I am seriously starting to love Belle Epoque releases! The pose from Reve Obscura Bento Poses fits perfect for this picture, it is like I am saying “LETS RODEO ON!”

Outfit and props

Hair ~ Tori, Truth Hair VIP gift

Hat, shirt, scarf, skirt, boots, holster and boots ~ { El Paso }, Belle Epoque, The Epihany

Stables ~ The Domineaux Effect

Horse ~ Focus Poses horse girl 2

Seasonal hay bale ~ Botanical 

Kiss me now

kiss me now edit.png

Lately my boyfriend has been my model for some of my photos, this is because I have had quite a few couple poses thrown my way this month and he isn’t complaining, he loves to be apart of my hobby and sometimes tries to compete with me on who takes a better picture! haha. This pose is available in this month’s subscription box, Flash Shot, like the majority of Second Life subscription boxes, Flash Shot comes out monthly featuring 10 pose creations for your pleasure from some top pose makers. This Pose is from p.o.s.e called ‘Beach kiss’. I know mine is not on a beach but it shows it can be used anywhere you want.


Hair ~ Bean, LCKY, The Epiphany 

Bra ~ Monica Bralette, CandyDoll, Past N21 event

Panties ~ Saki Set, CandyDoll, Uber

Leg warmers ~ Mara, CandyDoll mainstore

Stringing me along

Ukulele time edit (2).png

Going into my creative, colourful and musical mode today. I crash landed into SaNaRae and it was suck a wreck! scattered belongings everywhere! I saw this awesome ukulele and took it with me on my journey around the island and some adorable little turtles followed me to my hangout spot while I waited to be rescued.

outfit and props

Hair ~ Olivia, Beusy, Uber

Bikini ~ Tropical bikini, Astralia

Shoes ~ Espadrille Flats- Open Toes, REIGN

Face gems ~ Spacegem face accessory, Astralia, Indie Teepee

Beach Loungers ~ NOMAD

Turtles ~ Yokai, SaNaRae

Ukulele, Yokai, SaNaRae

Orange drink ~ ionic

Backdrop ~ Summertime prop, Astralia, N21

My Muse

Stole your hat edit.jpg

He captured that moment with her on top of his body while lying in grass and thought to himself “That’s my muse.”

This awesome ‘My Muse’ pose is from Reel Poses, including the camera, out at Kinky event ~ 28th July

Outfit and props


Hair and hat ~ Nikki, [Burley], Uber

Shirt, Slip shirt, Paper.Arrow.co, Luxe Box

Shorts ~ Blue D, MOMOCHUU


Hair ~ Haunting, Stealthic, Mainstore

Shirt ~ Baranov shirt, [Fe Style]

Jeans and boots ~ Jeans (vintage blue) Boots, Lenox Agitator

Turtle bed ~ Breaux Jr.

Grass ~ Alirium

An apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree

Apple Cider edit.png

I was feeling a little creative after visiting the Uber birthday event, I bought this very awesome jean bib created by Zenith and thought it would be perfect for a farm, best next thing, an orchard full of refreshing apple cider. I brought kitty along with me for company.

Outfit and Props

Hair and flower accessory ~ Margarita (Dark blondes), Truth Hair , Uber

Jean bib ~ Jean jumpsuit (light), Zenith, Uber

Apple hand prop ~ Appetizer ’10, ChicChica, The Chapter Four

Orchard set (Apple cider Barrels, Apple basket and buckets, cider jugs and animated ladder) ~ Hillside Orchard set, JIAN mainstore

Daisies ~ Apple Fall, gacha

Un Salon de Jardin ~ Apple Fall

Kitty ~ Sweet thing, gacha