What happened to my happily ever after?

Maid edit.png

I love this gacha from Belle Epoque so much that I had to do another picture with it. This gacha is going to be at The Arcade in two days!



Long hair whisps ~ Sugar, Truth Hair

Headscarf, T-shirt, skirt and apron ~ L’amour Courtois gacha, Belle Epoque, The Arcade


Gatekeeper’s lodge RARE, Dolly bed RARE, blanket curio, chair, shelf, arriving paintings, slip cover chair, ulysses butterfly, fleur sideboard, teatime set, sketchbook and flour ~ Apple fall 

Frames ~ Lost & forgotten gacha, Random.Matter

Kiiten ~ Pudgy persian, JIAN

Rug ~ Back street hideout, [ Zerkalo ]

Autumn living

Autumn edit.jpg

I am so excited for Autumn, I love the colours and the nature changes that happen, The Arcade is nearly here and it has some awesome Autumn/Halloween themed gachas to win. One of the gachas that will be available at the event will be an awesome set from Sway’s which I have scattered around my new autumn themed living room.


Gacha key




 Chair ( RARE Black and brown) desk, laptop, table lamp, shelf, globe, book with book ends, calendar, succulent portulacaria, pencil jar, notebook, paper bin, Stack of books, succulent echeveria, picture frames, unicorn flowerpot (reward) ~ Sways, The Arcade

Skybox ~ Autumn attic, tarte, Luxe Box

Roman Shades ~ MudHoney, FaMESHed

Autumn home sofa & home sign, Cheeky Pea, N21

3D printer & book stack gacha ~ Learning stuff, Dilly Dolls

Table with canvases & tall tool table ~ Light studio gacha, CLA Vv

Chair ~ Autumn is calling, Dust Bunny

Suitcases & journey tower ~ The long ride gacha, O.M.E.N

Chain lamp ~ Fancy Decor

Rug ~ canasta gacha,  GA UNI

Pup ~ Study pupper, playful pibbles gacha, Jian

Owlbear ~ licorice, BLEU, SaNaRae



Disco night

Disco night edit.png

Loving the new Blueberry release! It comes in different combinations of styles and colours. It was actually difficult to choose what colours to buy. I think the teal one is adorable!



Hair ~ Lady, NEW Truth Hair release

Top, legwarmers & sneakers ~ Tinker set, NEW Blueberry release

Skirt ~ Luxe Box Aug, Blueberry


Hair ~ Swan, LCKY, Thereafter

Top, legwarmers & sneakers ~ Tinker set, NEW Blueberry release

Skirt ~ Lexi, Miss Chelsea


Backdrop ~ Retro RARE, MINIMAL

Sofa ~ Stirling Sofa, Scarlet Creative

Wall plants ~ Plastik

Rug ~ Backstreet hideout, [ Zerkalo ]

Dinner is crust around the corner

pizza party edit.png

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE pizza. I got given these anklets from Paperdoll’s to blog and I thought “Okay, so I am not a kinky photo type of person” so I went with a pizza theme which is so me, YUM!


Hair ~ Wheein (Browns), Monso, Uber

Harness sweater ~ Paperdoll’s

Jean shorts ~ Split denim shorts, Villena, Kustom9

Shiny anklets ~ Paperdoll’s, Shiny Shabby

Pizza backdrop ~  Surrealistic Backdrops (Foodporn), Astralia

Pizza party traffic light ~ floorplan

Being a blogger

Blogger main edit.png

I really love being a blogger, it is my main passion and reason for logging into Second Life. I have been doing it for almost 2 years and even though at first I found it to be a challenge and a totally big learning curve, it is fun to see how I have progressed since taking an interest in photography and how you learn your own style of photography and blogging. My partner is constantly showing me one of my very first pictures I took a few years ago and I cringe so bad when I see it, but at the same time it helps me to see my progress and to keep going as all my hard work has been so very worth it. I have met some awesome people along the way, and I thank them for their support on my journey as a blogger.


Craft desk (pink, RARE), Coloured paper, chalk, sketch books, mannequins, watercolour palettes, glitter jars, Ribbons, Brushes  ~ Art Studio, Random.Matter

Memo center ~ (moss&mink)

Desk ~ Dorm life, Random.Matter

Foil balloons ~Golden and pink, MishMish

Laptop and bear (Blue), Noticed by senpai, Random.Matter

Snacks and memories ~ Slumber party, Tres Blah

Round cloche ~ Tres Blah

Makeup organizer ~ Tres Blah

Where’s the crumpets at?

tea party EDIT 3.png

I got this outfit, dress and shoes from the new round of Uber, then I remembered that TMD had these cool colourful suits and I that they had a funky orange and yellow one and thought it would go perfect with my outfit.



Hair and bow ~ Lady, NEW Truth Hair mainstore release

Dress and shoes ~ Zenith, Uber


Hair ~ Reach, Stealthic

Vested suit ~ (Mango). Gizza, TMD


Animal topiary (dragon w lights RARE, snail with lights, butterfly with lights, flamingo with lights and bunny with lights) ~ Sway’s, Whimsical

Squirrel set (red) ~ La Baguette, Whimsical

Tea cups and tea pot ~ UnKindness

Table and chairs ~ Chester outdoor set, Apple Fall

Fireplace ~ Hampton outdoor fireplace, Apple Fall

Lotus candle ~ from boho meditation set, HEXtraordinary