Autumn living

Autumn edit.jpg

I am so excited for Autumn, I love the colours and the nature changes that happen, The Arcade is nearly here and it has some awesome Autumn/Halloween themed gachas to win. One of the gachas that will be available at the event will be an awesome set from Sway’s which I have scattered around my new autumn themed living room.

Gacha key


 Chair ( RARE Black and brown) desk, laptop, table lamp, shelf, globe, book with book ends, calendar, succulent portulacaria, pencil jar, notebook, paper bin, Stack of books, succulent echeveria, picture frames, unicorn flowerpot (reward) ~ Sways, The Arcade

Skybox ~ Autumn attic, tarte, Luxe Box

Roman Shades ~ MudHoney, FaMESHed

Autumn home sofa & home sign, Cheeky Pea, N21

3D printer & book stack gacha ~ Learning stuff, Dilly Dolls

Table with canvases & tall tool table ~ Light studio gacha, CLA Vv

Chair ~ Autumn is calling, Dust Bunny

Suitcases & journey tower ~ The long ride gacha, O.M.E.N

Chain lamp ~ Fancy Decor

Rug ~ canasta gacha,  GA UNI

Pup ~ Study pupper, playful pibbles gacha, Jian

Owlbear ~ licorice, BLEU, SaNaRae



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