Harry Potter edit.png

I am a huge fan of witch stuff, and one of my favourite kind is the witches from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood is my idol and my inspiration for this picture, she is super sweet and innocent, just like me, LAWL, I wish I was.


Hair ~ Genesis, Stealthic

Top ~ Cate Tee, Miss Chelsea

Skirt ~ November Luxe Box, Blueberry

Shoes ~ Oxfords, REIGN

Pantyhose ~ {Nena}


Phoe shelf (RARE) ~ Vindeluna gacha set, Plastik

Table (RARE)  ~ Vindeluna gacha set, Plastik

Cranky baby mandrake & Phoenix with stand  ~ HEXtraordinary

Doll 1 ~ Chosen wizard, Garbaggio, The Arcade

Doll 2 ~ Unspeakable wizard, Garbaggio, The Arcade

Bottles, scales, books & quill ~ Mimble Wimble Potion Set, .peaches.

Serpent rising ~ Distorted Dreams

floor candelabra [wrought iron] & frame ~ hive

Wizard school books ( RARE), Anachron

Flying key ~ Half-Deer

Build ~ Myrtle, Scarlet Creative


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