Barn there, done that

on the farm edit 2.jpg

 My guy and I decided we’d go on a fun day out at the farm! These cute farm animals are a mix of JIAN, KITE and Half-Deer, they go great together for a farm scene and it was pretty fun putting the scene together too.



Hair ~ Holly hair, RunAway Hair, We ❤ Roleplay

Dress, cardigan, bag, socks & boots RARE ~ Oxley gacha, REIGNThe Arcade


Hair ~ Narcotic, Stealthic

Sweater ~ Damien pullover, EthamTMD

Jeans ~ Broberry, Deadwool


Barn RARE ~ Chestnut barn, Dust Bunny

Sofa, armchair, David’s coffee table, closet, bench, wall lanterns, Kerosene Lamp, hanging lantern & cardigan chair ~ new beginnings gacha, f8f

Hai lamb, mopey lamb, spooning lambs, rolling lambs, jumping lamb, sleeping lambs and sweater lamb (feed) RARE ~ Sweater weather gacha, KITEThe Arcade

Bi colour wanderer piglet, pink companion & rainy days companion RARE piglet ~ playtime piglets gacha, JIANThe Arcade

White baby bird large group, held bird and head bird ~ Half-Deer

Puddle ~ Spilled liquid, Half-Deer


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