Elfie selfie

Elf family edit.jpg

Feeling magical and mystical we have turned into elves for this picture! Two things inspired me to do this picture, firstly, Black Bantam’s gacha from The Arcade, and secondly,  this awesome bodysuit from Belle Epoque at We ❤ Roleplay. The top part looked like two leaves to me and I so had to use it for a picture. We completed the mystical elf look with these awesome elf ears from Swallow, I have the elf ears and he has the unisex elf ears HD.



Hair ~ Hummimg, Moon.

Head Accessory ~ Thorns and Grace crown (white), *LODE*

Bodysuit ~ Sasa, Belle Epoque

Tattoos ~ Naria, Stardust, We ❤ Roleplay


Hair ~ Haunting, Stealthic

Pants ~ Heavenly warrior pants, Gabriel

Necklace ~ Vagabond Necklace, (luc), We ❤ Roleplay



Brown barrel bed ~ White and peony (PG), Trompe Loeil 

Elf baby, bob cat & star lanterns ~ [Black Bantam], The Arcade

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