Life’s a circus, enjoy the show!

circus edit.jpg

I’ve had this picture stashed on my to do list for a few days, I pushed it up to the top last night, because I so wanted to use all of this and my boyfriend is a clown everyday anyway, so we thought how about a theater circus show?! It turned out great thanks to my boyfriend and of course this outfit set from Belle Epoque and the circus gacha from Madpea.



Hair ~ Cinnamon, Truth Hair

Dress (RARE), hat, bracelet, Necklace, boots & hat ~ Join My Circus gacha, Belle Epoque, The Chapter Four


Hair ~ Stealthic

Shirt & suspenders ~ Ed shirt, Deadwool

Pants ~ Peak suit trousers, Deadwool

Shoes ~ Penny loafers, Deadwool

Face paint ~ SFX karni 01, Action


Tent RARE, cannon, ring of fire, floating umbrella, umbrella boat, ticket booth & hanging clouds ~Cirque De Foile gacha, Madpea, The Imaginarium, Madpea Productions

Elephants ~ boho gacha, Birdy


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