My Harry Potter obsession is a little riddikulus

Hrry potter.jpg

Lately I have been so lucky as a blogger to be getting recognition for my creativity and  hard work that I have put into my blogging over the past few months. DRD directly came to me and gave me their full set from Season of the Witch and I thought it was so Harry Potter like, my creative gears kicked in, especially when Scarlet Creative brought out their Luxe Box release of a telephone box with a secret skybox to teleport to! Magic!


Ministry phone box ~ Scarlet Creative, Luxe Box

Build ~ Storefront, Spiritual Shoppe, Death Row Designs (DRD), Season of the Witch

Iron gate ~ Merak, The Season’s Story

Wall ~ Kent wall kit ~ Apple Fall

Feuilles lantern ~ Apple Fall

Bench ~ Yorkshire bench ~ Apple Fall

Bakers boy farthing ~ Storybook living gacha, Dust Bunny

Pigeons ~ Urban pigeons

Trees ~ Elladan ~ Alirium

Vines set ~ {yumyum}


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