A pine day fer a swim, eh

Canadian autumn edit.jpg

I thought I would give myself a challenge at Canadian scenery, since 6 Republic‘s theme is Canada Vs Tokyo. The challenge was a must when I received the amazing grass and trees  from The Liaison Collaborative that make this scene awesome. I am British so maybe I didn’t do as good of a job as a Canadian would, eh?. LOL. A lot of this stuff was modified so it may look a little different if you want to buy any items from this scene


Cabin ~  Delaney A-frame cabin, Trompe Loeil

Cedar trees &  wild grass ~ Little Branch, The Liaison Collaborative

Floating dock, canoe, canoe storage, life jacket pile & oar storage ~ Floating dock & canoe set ~ [Schultz Bros.], 6 Republic

Autumn Daybed ~ Bee Designs, The Liaison Collaborative

Bench ~ Picturesque Moments, .Peaches., Uber

Canadian geese ~ TLC

Moose ~ Carpiediem



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