We definitely set the bar

If I had a garage, I probably would turn it into a bar or man cave, like the cool ones you see in movies Garage RARE ~ Con. Bunker door RARE, bar, stool, shelf w/glasses, shelf w/bottles, picture 1, 2 & 3, tequila sign & fire hose ~ Bunker bar, Zerkalo, Kustom9 Call to arms […]

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Life’s a garden. Dig it

Last Fifty Linden Friday I got inspired by a garden set from hive and it all just fell together and I love it Little garden shed ~ ROOST Vintage garden hose ~ hive Purple snowdrop plant & watering can ~ hive Potted plants & ladder ~ Grow collection, keke Hummingbird bush ~ TLC Avocado tree […]

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Focus on the good

Uber is in full 60’s mode this round and I am loving the creations there, including this dress from Rebel Hope, It comes so so many colourful patterns. Ginevra hair ~ Truth Hair ♥ Nancy dress ~ Rebel Hope, Uber event (25th) ♥ Pose ~ Keely (5), Imitation poses

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Happiness is homemade

Tick tock… tick tock… The time is getting closer to The Arcade and are we in for a treat. My sponsors have cooked up a treat. One of my sponsors is tarte, their gacha set is based on being creative. Desktop computer RARE, Photogrid RARE, craft desk, bullet journal, journal stack, pens & ruler, vortex chair, catch all […]

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Dance on the edge of mystery

I head into the office, flustered by the news of my brother, I look around for any odd signs, his office looks untouched like he left it as it is in the evening before the morning rush of a busy detective. I walk over to the desk, I see nothing but documents relating to his […]

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