Dance on the edge of mystery


I head into the office, flustered by the news of my brother, I look around for any odd signs, his office looks untouched like he left it as it is in the evening before the morning rush of a busy detective. I walk over to the desk, I see nothing but documents relating to his current cases… Then to my right, I see a combination lock on the side of the cabinet, hoping for clues I walk over and inspect it, “Damn, there must be clues to the numbers in this room” I turn and slowly look around the room…

This post is about the exciting new game Nightmare in New Orleans, created by Madpea. It is set in 1950s New Orleans and it is an interactive puzzle and combat game, they have a great story behind it to keep you moving and wanting more!

In this game, you start off as a sibling of a private detective, he has gone missing, you start off by flying to his office to see if there are any clues to his whereabouts.

You will be guided by an interactive HUD where your notes and other related items will be stored for easy access throughout the game.

Come join in on the game. It will not disappoint!

They even have stores to buy items perfectly suited to the game, such as this wonderful dress I am wearing in the picture, you can buy it yourself or a dashing suit by visiting the sim where all the stores are located before you start your detective journey.

The hair is from Truth hair, called Lady, and the shoes are Maryjane heels from Rebel Hope

For more information about Nightmare in New Orleans click here to go to the official Madpea Games website or click here to dive right into the inworld sim!


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