Be proud of who you are

cold welcome.png

I’m very proud of the end result for this picture. It started out tougher than usual, I am so used to working with my main style with CATWA but I challenged myself with a Lelutka head which wasn’t going so well but the final result is pretty damn good and I’m proud. Featuring Stealthic Hair and Glam Affair. Wearing Lelutka and own shape for this photo



Trecy skin ~ Glam Affair


Kustom9 event

Fleeting hair ~ Stealthic store


 Passport sweater ~ Tres Blah store


Ruffle leg warmers ~ Zenith store



Shiraz chair & poses ~ Ana store


Blanket ~ Half-Deer store


Fruit trees ~ Dust Bunny


Branch coat rack ~ Dust Bunny


Stay awhile hanger ~ Dust Bunny


Tray table ~ Apple Fall





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