Be the magic, not the illusion ~ Magicae House

Practical magic 5Practical magic 6Practical magic 3

I am very, very excited to share this post with you guys! This is a little different than my usual post, because, not all of the time do creations this big and amazing get released. Lately, Scarlet Creative, and Hive, the stores, set out to give us something very special. An almost duplicate of the house from Practical Magic. Even being very much based off of the house in the movie, this gorgeous house still overflows with Scarlet Creative’s unique talented style. The house features two sets of stairs going off to different parts of the upper floors, including to (my favourite room, well second favourite) the attic with two big beautiful windows on either side. This house also features a petite greenhouse attached to the kitchen which is my most favourite part of the house. Even though we got spoiled enough with this release, Scarlet Creative was so very generous to push through the hours upon hours creating, to give us three different colours of the house, white, blue and nature (the one in my photos). Hive was the talent behind the kitchen, which I adore so much. It does come separate and even already semi-assembled to put inside of the house. Also featuring in this post for the exterior is the fencing from Tarte store and most of the little kitchen decor is from Hive, Tarte, Dust Bunny and Apple Fall.

I promise this house is very much worth it, especially for it being 188L for a short time.

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