You turn my world upside down

You turn my life upside down.png

I am super excited to introduce this sim to you guys, for me it was a big deal, because I am a super fan of Stranger Things TV show. A few days ago, Elysion group opened up their own version of the upside down world, they did a super job on it and it is so worth going to view! There is plenty of photography opportunities, there is the house with all the Christmas lights, the school (in the photo) and even the Arcade! and of course, the upside down is swamped with Demogorgon creatures. There are some photoshop effects included in this picture to make some of it work, such as I edited two different tops together but I am still crediting all.




Falling hair – Shortfall ~ Tableau Vivant


Madrid jacket ~ Emery store


Azia top ~ Just Because store


Livie jeans ~ ISON store


Juniper sneakers ~ REIGN store




Bobby hair ~ VANGO store


Casual shirt ~ Kalback store, TMD event


Broberry jeans ~ Deadwool store




Let’s just escape pose (Slightly edited) ~ Ana pose store


Upside down sim (Elysion group fee 1k)

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